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Family Lost US$12 242 And ZAR 4 500, Belonging To A Burial Society




ZRP RoundUp


The ZRP reiterates that members of the public must make use of banking institutions and avoid keeping large sums of cash in their homes or business premise


This follows a case of armed robbery which occurred in Northend, Bulawayo, on 27/06/21, where a family lost US$12 242 and ZAR 4 500, belonging to a burial society, to robbers.


The ZRP is concerned with the continued loss of lives through murder. Some of the cases emanate from petty disputes which can easily be resolved by involving third parties.


In a related case, which occurred in Maphisa on 27/06/21, at around 0200hrs, 2 complainants were attacked by 6 unknown male suspects while coming from a beer binge at Mbeba Business Centre


One of the complainants managed to escape while the other was later found dead with swollen face. Investigations are underway


On 25/06/21, Police in Hwange arrested 4 suspects in connection with unlawful possession of raw ivory.


Detectives received information to the effect that the suspects had 300kgs of ivory which they intended to sell.


Acting on the information, Detectives intercepted the suspects, who were using a Toyota Hilux KZTE vehicle, at Cross Dete, leading to the arrest of the suspects and recovery of 4 elephant tasks.


Members of the public are urged to be alert and be wary of individuals who masquerade as Police officers. This follows the arrest of 2 bogus police officers on 25/06/21, at Centenary Park Bulawayo, where 2 complaints were arrested by the 2 suspects for not wearing masks.


The two suspects threatened to escort the complainants to Bulawayo Police station before extorting ZAR100 from them. Alert officers who were on patrol noticed the incident and arrested the suspects who later turned out to be bogus police officers.


On 25/06/21, Police in Lupane arrested 3 men in connection with a robbery case which occurred at Ndwawanga business centre, Inyathi, where 4 suspects who were armed with machetes and logs attacked the complainant and stole US$ 200, Itel phone and other valuables.


The complainant later identified one of the suspects and alerted the Police leading to the arrest of the three suspects. Police have since launched a manhunt on the remaining suspect.

Robert Tapfumaneyi


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