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Family Dump Body At Gweru ZRP Station

Family Dump Body at Gweru ZRP Station


By Staff Reporter

Angry family members Saturday dumped a coffin at Mtapa Police station’s gate in the City of Gweru  protesting and demanding justice after their son died in police cells

Tatenda Kasinyore (28) popularly known as Nyale was arrested and detained following a complaint from a fellow resident that he was drunk, disorderly and throwing stones at her house.

Police sources, on condition of anonymity, told the media that an elderly woman from the neighbouring Mambo suburb made a report at Mtapa Police Station around 2am saying the now-deceased was drunk and throwing stones on her roof.

The source said five police officers were dispatched to investigate. When they arrived at the house, the officers searched Kasinyore and found a sniffing barrel attached to a barrel beaker which had an illicit drug called methamphetamine commonly known as mutoriro.

”They handcuffed Kasinyore who was seemingly violent. He continued showing violent tendencies and fell several times as he could not stand or walk because he was very drunk,” said the source.

The Deceased Tendai Kasinyore

Kasinyore, the source said, was reportedly at one time uncuffed because he was complaining that his hands were now sore. After being uncuffed he ran away headed for Block H Mtapa flats but the officers managed to rearrest him and took him to Mtapa Police Station,” said the source.

The source said around 5am the deceased allegedly started vomiting froth before an ambulance was called.

Concerned readers have also expressed their anger with one named Kwang saying ”the initial report by ZRP said Nyale could not even stand on his own, when they arrested him. Now, can you please tell us how on earth he could be violent and refuse arrest, throw stones, let alone run away, jump over gates and fences.

Kindly, stop talking about “the world”, we are talking about a Zimbabwean here, who lost his life. Injustices in some remote parts of the world can never justify our murdering each other.

You speak as someone in the know – what did the post mortem report say was the cause of his death? Perhaps, that’s what angered the relatives. For his body to be released for burial, ZRP should have completed all their investigations, so that Nyathi narrative that they are investigating further, is just what it is, a narrative.
We might never know what ZRP did to him, but from the results, we can safely assume it was not good.’

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