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Ezekiel Guti University Ban Miniskirts


By Primrose Tagutanadzo

The Zimbabwe Ezekiel Guti University (ZEGU) has issued a dress code for students to ensure proper dressing.


In a statement, the ZAOGA run institution’s Registrar L Chinyemba said the new dress code was to ensure students wore decent and comfortable dressing.


“Tight clothes which include skin tights and leggings, miniskirts or cuts off, shorts, tops that expose cleavages, crop tops, back outs and see throughs are not allowed at campus,” he said.

“Students must be decently dressed especially in classes, church services and any other University related off campus functions.”


Chinyemba said improperly dressed students would be barred from entering lecture rooms and exams rooms.


“Lecturers can bar students from attending lectures if they are not dressed appropriately,” he said.





Babra Mangwiro Mudzanapabwe   Religion is obsessed with policing women’s bodies… nothing new here! The tragedy is that people actually send their children to these institutions… tragic!”



Mandi Maodzwa     Institutionalisation of misogyny which leads to abuse of women.”



Mumu Chi Van Dir     They tried this in the workplace last year and an entire Chief Justice ended up saying the circular was sent out by mistake 🤣🤣🤣🤣.in 2021 they still define women by unfortunate.”



Hildah Tafadzwa Maritinyu  Where are the dressing rules for men”



Cathrine Mkwesha   Problem is these institutions are being run nevanhu vanofanira vava kumba vazorora zvavo vachitamba nezvizukuru. I was surprised kuti certain individuals who were Deans kwataivawo makare kare are still there. When I joined that institution they were old, so vachiri kuiteiko ikoko. Those are the ones sitting vachiisa such archaic laws.:

Robert Tapfumaneyi