EXQ And Tocky’s Wakatemba Removed From YouTube




By Tendai Mukaro

Urban groover Enock Munhenga better known as Ex-Q’s hit single, Wakatemba featuring Zimdancehall artist Tocky Vibes has been removed from YouTube allegedly over a copyright violation claim by Tocky Vibes following a breech of contract by ExQ.

The move is said to have been taken by Tocky Vibes’s management after Ex-Q was reluctant to fulfill their initial agreement.

It is alleged from the onset the duo agreed on working together on Wakatemba first before working again as a team on another song for Tocky Vibes.

However, after the song became a hit, ExQ enjoyed the fruits of their labour alone and forgot his partner which did not go down well with Tocky Vibes.

“This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Tocky Vibes,” read the notice on YouTube.

The song was released in 2020 and it became an instant hit attracting millions of views on YouTube.

ExQ rose to fame in 2000 and his ground breaking song is Musalala.

He has collaborated with several popular musicians like Extra Large and Stunner in the past.


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