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EFF Zim Celebrate The Far-Reaching and Militant Achievements of EFF South Africa

Commander and chief of the Economic Freedom Fighters and South African presidential candidate Julius Malema greets supporters as he enters the Lucas Moripe Stadium for an Economic Freedom Fighters presidential campaign rally at the Lucas Moripe Stadium

By EFF Zim Head of Information, Publicity, Marketing and Communication Siphiwo Ngwenya


As the EFF Zimbabwe, we celebrate the far-reaching and militant achievements of EFF South Africa under the leadership of CIC Julius Malema as it turns 8 years today.


This marks a very fundamental milestone accomplished in a quest to serve the anguished and poverty-stricken masses. We cannot ignore the sacrifices made by our brothers and sisters to keep the revolution up and standing.


Their unfathomable efforts at bringing economic emancipation to the people of South Africa plays a key role in the history of South African politics and cannot go unnoticed.


Today is an important milestone as we celebrate the 8th birthday of a great movement, the EFF SA. When the ANC back then decided to silence its vibrant Youth League leader Mr Julius Malema, many thought that would spell the end of a brilliant exciting political career of a very fearless and dedicated South African patriot and Pan Africanist. “Its cold outside the ANC” was the refrain.


Eight years later, it became evident that the fears were misguided for Julius Malema and his fellow revolutionaries who have not only gone and made it too hot in the kitchen for the hijackers of the South African revolution, but have also ignited a mass movement across Africa.



One that challenges the beneficiaries of Western imperialism and their African puppets who masquerade as heirs to our great revolutionary leaders like Mandela, Nkomo, Neto, Biko, Hani and others too many to mention whose mettle had been picked up by pseudo revolutionaries who will not stop killing the children of the Revolution to protect Western imperialist economic gains.


Indeed as the President of EFF Zimbabwe, I am obligated to state clearly that without the efforts of my brothers in the EFF across Africa and the leadership and personal guidance of the CIC Julius Malema, our movement would not exist outside South Africa giving a voice to millions upon millions. We are determined to be the ‘voice of the voiceless’.


The EFF family has given genuine political opposition in Zimbabwe where traditional opposition in the last 34 years has been a creation and representation of the same imperialist forces that we fought so hard to dislodge from the African soil. Their mandate was to keep the government of the day in check so as not to disrupt their stranglehold on Zimbabwe’s natural resources.



The EFF Zimbabwe had for the first time since the demise of the liberation movement ZAPU given the ZANU-PF government a true and principled opposition. We assert the right of the government to take land and redistribute it to the black owners without compensation to those who looted it under European- settler colonialism.



Similarly, we support the EFF’s calls in South Africa for the appropriation of land without compensation so that it can be passed to its rightful owners who are the black South Africans.



We also support the call of our EFF brothers in Eswatini for political freedom and the reformation of the system of governance. We remain in staunch solidarity with the other EFF movements across Africa as we celebrate the unmistakable achievements of EFF South Africa and our brother and CIC Julius Malema.


We also recognize the valiant fortitudes of the EFF supporters in and outside South Africa. It is their support, camaraderie and dedication to the revolution that keeps us motivated and aiming for positive results.



Long live EFF! Long live Cadres of the Revolutionary struggle to emancipate Africa from neo-colonialism of the 21st century! Long live brother and comrade Julius Malema! Africa shall be free and borderless!!!

Head of Information, Publicity, Marketing and Communication Siphiwo Ngwenya

Robert Tapfumaneyi

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