Educated or Not, You Can Do It Madam Boss


Madam Boss sign deal with Rwandan Airline

Madam Boss (real name Tarisai Cleopatra Chikocho) has signed an endorsement deal with Rwandan Airlines


The lady boss is the corporate face of Zimbabwe.

Some of her endorsements include Nash Paints, NetOne, Primket Travel and Tours, Skylake Boreholes, Elaine Solar, Senditoo and Nyaradzo with the most recent one being with Ingwebu Breweries.


Having moved from rags to riches, Madam Boss, an orphan who had a rough upbringing, has remained humble, instead opting to uplift others as she knows how it feels to be neglected and looked down upon.

This likely explains why most companies/ production houses are opting for her because of this unique character.

“I don’t know how to speak English . . . I didn’t perform well at school,” Madam Boss


Madam Boss, an orphan, was once a housemaid hence the birth of her comedy character which was inspired by the various people she worked for. She could have spent the rest of her life as a maid as she did not perform well at both primary and high school. But her determination has led to her doing many things she never imagined.


Now, many years later, it is paying dividends as she is now the country’s most sought-after personality. Who would have ever thought?

This perseverance is showing in her acting career as the roles are challenging because this is her first time acting.


Her little education is also complicating things as she is failing to read and pronounce some of the English words. But, never one to give up, she is spending sleepless nights mastering the scripts coupled with terrible migraines and if the Nigerian producer’s words are anything to go by, Madam Boss is nailing it

Robert Tapfumaneyi


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