‘ED Mocks ED’

By Tendai Mukaro
Forces for the Liberation Organization of African National Party (FLOANP) president Egypt Dzinemunenzva today mocked President Emerson Mnangagwa for officially opening AFC Holdings formerly known as Agribank.
Dzinemunhenzva mocked the President following posts from the Presidential Community which was giving updates on the official opening on Twitter.
“Ukarasa ma key emba yako mazuva ano hapana need yekutsvaga locksmith, ingotsvaga red carpet woisa pa door, @ED vanouya kuzoivhura (If you lose keys for your house there is no need to find a locksmith, just find a red carpet and put it on your door and @ED will come and open it),” read the tweet.
The rebranding of Agribank to AFC Holdings has been criticised by local who  said it was unnecessary.
Happi Zengeni Manyere wrote, “From Rhodesia we came and Rhodesia we will always be.”
“It started as Land and Agricultural Bank in 1924, was changed to AFC in 1971, rebranded to Agribank now back again”
Team Pachedu ZW, wrote, “Mnangagwa officially opened a name today.”
“The so called President of country X abandoned all his duties to officiate the change of name.”
Ba Chloe na Kayla posted, “The worst rebrand of all time, I thought I had seen it all.” “Nothing is getting better in Zimbabwe.”
M Jay wrote, “Agribank was a great brand.”
“There was no need to rebrand it at all.
“Some one saw a rent seeking opportunity in this rebranding exercise.
“How do you change an easy to name brand like Agribank to AFC Holdings, I will send these. 
“Marketing people back to college.”
Tobias Sibanda’s tweet read, “Tell you what this is ridiculous.” 
“That institution was called AFC before it was called Agribank. 
“A few weeks ago it was some bridge somewhere in Bindura I think, this is a clear evidence that nothing
worthwhile is happening in the country.”
Dladha wrote, “Only if they could invest as little as 5% of what they are looting and exernalising into these entities, they can officially open something better than a name.”
Zeph posted, “If they can rebrand ZANUPF to Second Republic / New Dispensation anything is possible.
Still arise wrote, “What a money wasting exercise, It was AFC before, imagine all rebranding of branches and stationery , someone had personal benefits from this.”
Shungu dzemoyo commented, “And they mark this as a great achievement towards vision 2030.”
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