Drug Abuse On The Rise Amongst Rural Youths

Munashe Dube (center), 22, smokes a cigarette he dipped in adhesive thinners while his friends Tinashe Katewe, 15, and Thembinkosi Siziba, 23, wait their turn to smoke in Bulawayo’s City Centre.
By Fadzanai Shumba
Murehwa: Drug abuse amongst youths which has proved to be rampant in urban areas is now being witnessed in youths living in rural areas. 
A number of students and out of school youths in Murehwa have turned to the use of crystal meth commonly known as mutoriro or dombo on the streets.
Crystal meth is produced from methamphetamine which is in the same class with cocaine and other addictive street drugs that affect the central nervous system.
The drug is in the form of brownish-cream grains that look like coarse salt.
Murehwa residents have attested that some young boys and girls were indulging in this illegal drug.
In an interview with SlyMediaNews, a Kambarami high student identified as Nelson said he resorted to using drugs
“l do not regret using mutoriro because after taking it, l can go for two or  three days without sleeping and this helps me with my studies as I will have more time to read,” he said.
“It makes you feel like you can do anything, like you are invincible.”
Another resident Taurai Magaba claimed he used the drug as it boosted energy.
“The work that I do involves lifting heavy materials so I resorted to using the drug as it helps in boosting energy,” said Magaba.
Despite the praises the drug was getting on the streets, other residents have castigated youths abusing it.
Memory Matiki said there was need for the police to assist in stopping the drug peddlers.
“As parents we are concerned about the well-being of our children and in order for the community to fight this drug abuse there is need for the police to intensify searches and monitoring of youths,” she said.
“Our children are becoming wayward especially after taking these drugs, they no longer respect us as parents.
“The youth are now a menace to the society and something has to be done about the situation because once ignored it might cause problems to the society.”
Robert Tapfumaneyi

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