Douglas Mwonzora’s MDCT Senators Vote in Support of Zanu PF And Pres Mnangagwa

Douglas Mwonzora
Pres ED Mnangagwa

By Patience Chipembere

MDC-T Senators voted in support on the controversial Constitutional Amendment Bill (Number 2) Tuesday and as it sailed through after it got the required two thirds majority.

“On our party, mostly women senators voted for the bill naturally because of the clauses which guarantee women quotas both in parliament an in local government,” MDCT’s Witness Dube said in a hurriedly written statement after the Bill sailed through.

“As the MDC-T we debated vigorously, and fought valiantly to oppose this bill primarily because of the running-mate and the Chief Justice clauses.

“Whilst we understand how difficult it was for women in the MDC-T to have been conflicted between the age-old position of the party and their desire to make gains in the women’s movement, we are disappointed by male senators who may have absconded from the vote without giving any reasons.”

“As a party we believe that the strength of our democracy is not only in the expression of our diversity through any vote, but moreso the courage to always partake in such polls in order to express our divergent views.

“It is however encouraging to note that our party won the debates on merit in both houses, only to lose to a Zanu PF super majority attained at the 2018 elections.

“With democracy serve albeit in a manner that was not desirable by the party, we urge our members to continue working closely with their public representatives to ensure that future amendments are given due attention in their early stages in the lower house in order to avoid omnibus bills which present a voting dilemma, as noted with the Constitutional Amendment Number 2 Bill.

Last week some MDCT Members of Parliament voted in favour of the Bill with and the Douglas Mwonzora led party to come under criticism with various stakeholders saying this is a betrayal of the citizens who voted then into power and adoption of the 2013 Constitution.

“The 2013 came through a long process that include consultation of the citizens so anyone who has been appointed or elected by the citizens and who sits in the Senate or House of Assembly and does not realise the need for consultation before the Constitution is amended,” Peter Mutasa Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Union president said Thursday during a press conference.

“There is no any other characterisation of that person they are sell outs they ae the Morrison Nyathi of the liberations struggle and they are everywhere, so we must be very clear as citizens that we are not going to side with those that are not siding with us that has to be open.”

“And I am sure you have seen some of them trying to come out after citizens raised voices, so we need also to raise our voices against those who are mutilating the people’s Constitution.”

“It is expected, they have never been any struggle without its turncoats without its sell-outs but what we can pronounce openly that those people are selling out.”



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