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Douglas Mwonzora’s MDCT MPs Are ‘Sell-Outs”: Voting Yes With Zanu PF


By Staff Reporter

Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) president said as citizens fight against the amendment of the Constitution by Zanu PF in support with the opposition MDCT Members of Parliament there are going to be many reprisals.

“We are going to face many challenges what is going to make sure that this amendment, what is going to make sure that we succeed is the solidarity which must be the goal that unite us,” Peter Mutasa ZCTU president said.

Mutasa describe the Mwonzora led legislators as sell-outs who voted ‘yes’ for a Bill that gives President Emmerson Mnangagwa more powers.

“There is no any other characterisation of that person they are sell outs they ae the Morrison Nyathi of the liberations struggle and they are everywhere, so we must be very clear as citizens that we are not going to side with those that are not siding with us that has to be open,” he said.

“And I am sure you have seen some of them trying to come out after citizens raised voices, so we need also to raise our voices against those who are mutilating the people’s Constitution.”

“It is expected, they have never been any struggle without its turncoats without its sell-outs but what we can pronounce openly that those people are selling out.”

“There is another point we need to urgently deal with many people across the country are not aware of what is happening in the citadel of dictatorship in Harare, in the Parliament which is no longer honourable,” Mutasa added.

“We need to spread this message in languages that people understand and it is a collective responsibility.”

“It is only when people are informed, empowered and understand what is happening and when we get everyone standing up fighting for their rights, so we need to fight against this amendment and use all our organisations, all our resources that we have.”

Robert Tapfumaneyi