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Dj Fantan Blast Winky D Over New Album


By Elizabeth Nyaguyo




ChilSpot Producer ‘Dj Fantan’ has no kind words for popular artist Winky D- Gaffa over his new album Eureka Eureka.




Recently launched Eureka Eureka has been making headlines and has gone viral on several social media platforms.





Dj Fantan wrote on his Facebook page attacking Winky D after he collaborated with young artists and failed to enlighten them the kind of songs they were going to sing.





“But sa elder mu industry when Ah do certain projects you must enlighten the youths you engage zvizere kuti project riri funded and fave kuimba zvematongerwo enyika so that anopinda achida nemoyo wake munyaya dzacho,”wrote Kamudyariwa.




Kamudyariwa added that,it is difficult for these artists to work with other people after featuring on Winky’s album.




“Right now, mukuru vaya vari kuDubai kuholiday ne family yavo zvavo zvakaita.




“Isusu now tava pama1 because some companies no longer want to associate with us because they don’t want their brands associated ne politics of any nature,”wrote Kamudyariwa.




He added that, elders should be the ones to protect and mentor the youngsters but, in this case, he said it is different.





“As elders ibasa resu to groom,guide and protect vana its cruel kuti as an elder in a position yekuvimbiwa nevana unozovaitisa uchiziya kuti yako life iri kufamba,”wrote Kamudyariwa





He went on to say that he is posting this not because he had personal issues with Winky D but he was happy that finally he had made his mind in collaborating with young artists with knowing that these artists will shade tears thereafter.





“This is my opinion hapana daka feel free to have your own opinion.

“I was happy to see other artists featuring for once pama got gitare emukuru.

“Zviri kundirwadza to see them crying behind the scenes kuti takakandwa pasi pebhazi nemukuru wedu kumagitare,”said Kamudyariwa


Robert Tapfumaneyi