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Day 4 Job Action: Employer’s Scare Them Tactics Collapse





The government of Zimbabwe which serves as the employer for all teachers in public schools is now cornered. The usually bullish employer who is well known for resorting to violent and barbaric tactics when dealing with all citizens find herself out of options as teachers resist all threats of victimisation.


For 5 years teachers and other Civil servants begged the employer to pay a living wage. Multiple tactics were employed to send the message home. Teachers walked for over 260 km from Mutare to Harare on what was dubbed a Salary Caravan. The intention being to invite the attention of the employer to the Salary crisis. The employer responded by arresting the peaceful marchers.

Series of peaceful protests were held as teachers kept on reminding government of the salary crisis. Again the government consistently responded through use of violence including abductions and torture.


The teachers who are patriots did all they could to avert the ensuing crisis and even coined a campaign name #SaveOurEducationZw. A clarion call to government to arrest the education crisis before it spiralled out of control. Government deployed propaganda to try and counter the legitimate demands of teachers.



For 5 years teachers could not afford water, food, health care, education and all the basics one can imagine. Teachers endured hoping that one day the government would heed the call for a living wage. Alas Government went on to boast of budget surplus and an economy on the rebound. Teachers are now demanding their share from the economy on the rebound and more from the surplus, the declaration is clear NO USD540 NO WORK!


Government has tried to throw the no work no pay card and teachers have equally thrown the no pay no work card. For 5 years these teachers have worked for no pay, they are now saying they will only work when paid.


Threats having failed to yield results the government then volunteered to help convert part of teachers salaries to USD. Offering some bureau de change services. Again that DOES NOT improve the amount of money being earned by teachers.


Government then announced a 20% increment, some creativity worth celebrating. You arbitrary deduct salaries from USD 540 to USD 90 then offer an increment of USD 20. Mthuli Ncube deserves awards as a con artist. The man wants to give back what he stole in installments but still expect teachers to celebrate. Legendary.


ARTUZ insists that the genuine way forward is restoration of pre October 2018 salaries and all stakeholders dialogue to #SaveOurEducationZw.


Robert Tapfumaneyi