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Chombo ‘My Hands Are Clean’


By Ignatius Chombo ‘Warned and Cautioned Statement’

I deny the charges in their entirety. I believe that these charges have been extracted from the report of the Land Commission headed by Justice Uchena.
I responded extensively, in writing, to these allegations when I appeared before the aforesaid Commission.
I attach herewith a copy of that written response as part or my response herein. I stand by that response.
In respect of count 1 my Agribank account no. is 4000086055. This is the only Agribank account.
I received no money from any alleged land seekers.
Count 2 to 3 There are no registered stands in my name as alleged nor was I given any.
An investigation at Deeds Registry will prove this in regards to the alleged stands in Philadelphia or Haydon Farm.
Count 4 I deny the same, a check at Companies Registry will show that I am neither a director nor shareholder in the 3 companies.
In respect of count 5 please refer to the statement submitted.
In respect of count 6 I absolutely had no dealings in the matter with Pinnacle Holdings (pvt) Ltd.
There is absolutely no basis for these allegations.
I committed no fraud or criminal abuse of office and at all times I executed my duties as a Government Minister in full Compliance with the law.
Count One I illegally caused desperate land seekers to deposit money into my personal Agribank account as land intrinsic purchase value and for land development purposes.
The beneficiaries did not get the stands and I never used the money for any development.
Count Two On another note using my influence and position I illegally grabbed 125 commonage stands at Haydon Farm, Zvimba Rural District for my own personal benefit,
Count Three I also illegally claimed 5 low density residential stands at Philadelphia Farm in Harare, of which 3 of the residential stands I allocated to my cronies and retained 2 of the stands,
Count Four I unlawfully took possession of several residential stands in Carrick Creagh Farm in Harare district and registered them under my companies namely, Comverol Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd, Cayford (Pvt) Ltd and Cavford (Pvt) Ltd of which interestingly, the stands in question had been lawfully allocated to other beneficiaries thereby disadvantaging them in the process,
Count Five I unlawfully used my authority and position as Minister of Local Government, took possession of State land at Order Farm Harare to which the land I undeservedly gave to Sensene Investments (Pvt) Ltd for development,
Count Six In a very serious matter of Criminal Abuse of office I unlawfully instructed and caused officials at the Ministry of Local Government to enter and sign a Deed of setlement with Pinnacle Holdings (Pvt) Ltd for land relating to Stoneridge Farm Harare, without the Cabinet authorization.
While I have been informed that I am not obliged to say anything in answer to these allegations, my failure at this stage to mention any facts relevant to my defence to them, may result in a court drawing adverse inferences against me.
Whatever I say will be put into writing and may be produced in court as evidence.

Robert Tapfumaneyi