Chitungwiza Illegal Cark, Car Sales, Brick Moulding: High Time It Must Come To An End

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By Chitungwiza Acting Town Clerk DR Tonderai Kasu

Reference is made to the uncontrolled mushrooming of illegal car parks, car sales and brick moulding along road servitudes that has reached alarming levels in Chitungwiza.

It is in this regard that Council is strongly warning those conducting these illegal activities to cease operations forthwith.

If there is failure to heed this call, the perpetrators are going to be arrested and prosecuted.
Again, Council is going to conduct a joint operation with the security sector so as to bring order and sanity in the town.

Those that are doing business legally must bring their documents to Council for the verification process.
The wanton disregard of Council Bylaws has witnessed the spiraling of illegal car parks and traffic obstruction making life difficult for motorists.

Therefore, it is high time that such activities come to an end.

In addition, there is also rampant illegal sand abstraction taking place in the town, where poachers are responsible for land deformation and degradation.

These people whenever they abstract sand, do not rehabilitate the land and this is a cause for concern.

It is against this background that all illegal activities should be brought to a halt and going against this notice will result in fines associated with each activity, while trucks being used illegally to transport sand are going to be impounded.

Be guided accordingly.

Robert Tapfumaneyi


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