Chillspot Levels Fights ZIMURA Over Non-Payment Of Royalties


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By Patience  Chipembere

The Zimbabwe Music Rights Association (ZIMURA) has cleared the air on issue of unpaid royalties raised by Zimdancehall producer Tafadzwa Kadzimwe known as Levels Chillspot.

Posting on his Instagram page, Levels Chillspot questioned why the association was not paying royalties to artists who were not members of ZIMURA.

In a statement ZIMURA said there was a misconception that only its members recieved royalties which was incorrect.
“In fact some artists who are not ZIMURA Members have been receiving their royalties,” said ZIMURA.

“In our responses to Levels Chillspot via Instagram it was made clear to him that all he has to do is notify the organisation in detail all his works by filling our notification forms and split sheets which define in detail the share splits with the artists he has worked with so that eacg artist gets what is due to him.”

ZIMURA said it was withholding the royalties in question because Levels Chillspot had not cleared the issue of splits nor had he approached their offices hence he was not aware of the proper procedures.

“For the works in question, it is not only Levels Chillspot who is yet to be given royalties and this needs to be corrected as soon as possible by Levels Chillspot and the artists.”

ZIMURA refuted allegations by Levels Chillspot that it had not paid out any royalties to ZimDancehall Artists since the inception of the genre.

The association said some Zimdancehall artists were its members and had been collecting royalties over the years.

“We encourage artists to engage with ZIMURA so they can understand its operations and its limits before they take it to social media and the general public we would also encourage them to inform themselves prior to making judgements so they can share their views from an informed position,” he said.

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