Chief Zvimba: Betraying His Clan Over Mugabe’s Dead Body



Chief Zvimba

By Sherlyeen Masuku

Former President  Robert Mugabe’s family friend, who is also opposition National Patriotic Front spokesperson Jealousy Mawarire, Monday accused Chief Zvimba of conniving with President Emmerson Mnangagwa to exhume the late president’s remains in order to benefit from farming equipment.

Mawarire shared minutes of a secret meeting that was held between Chief Zvimba, Chief Beperere , President Mnangagwa and some government officials where Mugabe’s re-burial was discussed.

In the meeting President Mnangagwa indicated that “the other founding fathers in the region and current head of states were bemoaning the manner in which the former President was buried.”

Chief Zvimba responded saying his clan will take into consideration the request made by the Government.

He proceded to tell the President that although, he had been allocated a farm he had been unable to carry out farming activities bcause his farming equipment had been confisticated by the High Court.

According to the minutes President Mnangagwa then instructed “Minister Moyo to engage his counterpart to carry out an assessment on the farm.


The Chief would be given a tractor, a planter and a harrow.”

Mawarire said “ Chief Zvimba is a nutter.

So this is how he is paying for the tractor, planter and harrow that he was promised by President Mnangagwa for delivering Robert Gabriel Mugabe’s remains to the occultic Junta-PF figurehead?”

Chief Zvimba  and ZANU PF officials close to President Mnangagwa ealier this month dismissed reports that  President Mnangagwa wanted Mugabe to be exhumed and re-buried at the national heroes acre.

Mawarire said despite denials it was now clear who was behind the exhumation of Former President Mugabe.

“Despite denials by Nick Mangwana that the government of Zimbabwe and President Mnangagwa are behind efforts to exhume President Mugabe’s remains, Chief Zvimba has ordered the exhumation and reburial at Heroes Acre on 1 July 2021.

How can a Chief order burial at a Zanu Pf shrine without the President’s involvement?”

Chief Zvimba has authorised Chinhoyi Magistrates Court “to take Mugabe’s properties or personal clothes from various State Houses and to hand them over to his Kutama Village.

The messenger of court has also been assigned to “take 5 cows and a she goat from Grace Mugabe’s Mazowe Farm – Gushungo Dairies.”

“I authorise everyone who is permitted under the laws of Zimbabwe to exhume Mugabe from Kutama and rebury him at the National Heroes Acre a place predetermined by his father Chief Chidziva” reads the verdict. 


Mugabe’s relatives have taken to social media and have breathed fire on the matter stating that there were not permitted to attend Chief Zvimba’s meeting.

President Mnangagwa will unveil a controversial memorial statue of the late First Chimurenga heroine Mbuya Nehanda today as the country celebrates  Africa Day amid calls by some members of Parliament to look for her remains.

Norton MP Temba Mliswa yesterday Tweeted that it was important that the country looks for Mbuya Nehanda’s skull.

“It’s important the statue of Mbuya Nehanda has arrived, however the question is, what about her skull? Her remains need to be repatriated along with the others.

Maybe it would’ve been better to regain possession of her remains before erecting the statue in her honour.”


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