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CeSHHAR Clinic Is More Friendly Than Public Hospitals: Sex Workers



By Elizabeth Nyaguyo



Sex workers in Mutare expressed their gratitude towards the services they are being offered at cesHHAR which the public hospitals are failing to provide.



CeSHHAR Zimbabwe houses a number of HIV prevention and sexual health research and programmatic projects



In an interview with journalist In Mutare at CeSHHAR clinic sex workers said applaud the services they got from the clinic which they were deprived from public hospitals.



“I went to different hospitals when I was infected by STIs but the nurses there were rough they will ask you why are you here again.



“There were not friendly at all but here at CeSHHAR the nurses are nice they will treat you well and you will feel comfortable,” said Spiwe Chikwava.




Another sex worker who is now a micro-planner said that at Public Hospitals they are being called all sort of names.



“Nurses here are friendly because here at cesHHAR we are not called by horrible names like ‘Hure’ but they call us sex workers.



“In public hospitals there is not bond between a patient and the nurses because of the way they treat us there.

“At cesHHAR patients are being given respect as human beings,” said one sex worker who Identified herself as Precious.



Another sex worker who refused to be Identified said that at cesHHAR they are receiving treatment freely as compared to public hospitals one need to pay for the services.



“Here at cesHHAR we are being treated freely we don’t pay for the services because it’ is our own clinic for sex workers to get treatment at any time.



” If you go to a public hospital one has to pay for the services provided for instance $6reception fee only where can a sex worker get that amount but CeSHHAR operate freely,” she said..

These same services are needed in Murambinda by sex workers there because they have no hospital that cater for sex workers as like other places like Mutare.


Robert Tapfumaneyi