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“CCC Isn’t Taking Orders From Anyone Except Zimbabwean Citizens





People attending the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) campaign rally in the township of Highfields, Harare, Zimbabwe, 20 February 2022. Party leader Nelson Chamisa addressed the crowds attending the campaign rally ahead of the 26 March by-elections. (Photo: EPA-EFE/AARON UFUMELI)

CCC spokesperson Advocate Fadzayi Mahere answers everything you may want to know about the party including the structure, policy, constitution, 2023 elections and many more…*



1] @advocatemahere:

“It’s a fallacy that @CCCZimbabwe is a one man band. To the contrary, our 6-month lifespan has shown we are broad-based citizens’ movement that has defied all odds. We are a broad tent for all Zimbabweans who want hope, accountability & development.”




2] @advocatemahere:

“No party that isn’t organized can win elections the way we’ve been winning and so decisively. We’ve pulled some of the biggest crowds possibly since independence, at our rallies, Zim Grounds, Sakubva, Masvingo. That’s not a one man band. That’s a movement”



3] @advocatemahere:

“There’s definitely a strong sense that a new style of doing politics in the country has been birthed and quite frankly, a huge opportunity which we’ve embraced with open arms to deliver something special for the people of Zimbabwe.




4] @advocatemahere:

“We’ve won in all Provinces of the country, in Harare, in Bulawayo, everywhere. Anywhere in the country, CCC is winning. You don’t win by just wishing, hoping and doing any odd thing. There’s certainly a method to the madness.”



5] @advocatemahere:

“Pres Chamisa has said time & again, this party is yet to launch. But we don’t want politics that’s business as usual. We saw how ZanuPF created its formation, it didn’t work for the people. We saw how MDC set itself up, that didn’t work for the people…”



6] @advocatemahere:




“…it was certainly time to start doing things differently to depart from the old way. There’s a fallacy that the only way to structure a political party is the way ZanuPF is structure. What we are doing is going to the people & saying, what do you want?”




7] @advocatemahere:

“We’ve been having deep, intensive consultations across all Provinces to hear from the people in every village and street, about what they want the new baby to look like. It’s not an elite conversation. It’s one that’s driven from the grassroots.”




8] @advocatemahere:

“We’ve said consistently, we are yet to launch. Trust the process. We are collecting all information we are gathering from citizens and it will all be unveiled. But for now, we certainly have interim measures in place and they’ve been very effective.”




9] @advocatemahere:

“What’s not being talked about enough is that for every by-election (now over 200), we’ve had at least 4 polling agents at every polling station. You don’t do that if you’re not organized; without broad support; without a chain of command; without support.”




10] @advocatemahere:

“It’s a fallacy that we are using the MDC-A structures. They remain with MDC-A. Mwonzora is still there. Their constitutive documents are still there. Mwonzora says they’re going to have a Congress even though they’re squabbling about it.”





11] @advocatemahere:

“We’ve been very deliberate in ensuring we don’t replicate the old MDC-A. A completely new way of doing business. Look at how we’ve run elections, the language, values, mission, it’s diff. Diff symbols, logo. The contention we are still MDC-A doesn’t hold.”




12] @advocatemahere:

“There’s a contradiction that we are a continuation of old MDC-A structure, and that we don’t have structures. The truth of the matter is that we are yet to launch. If you put CCC here, and MDC-A there, the difference is night and day.”

13] @advocatemahere:




“Even our ethos of putting citizens at the center of all decision making never used to happen in the MDC. It would just get announced that this is your constitution, this is your symbol. That’s not what we are doing this time.”




14] @advocatemahere:

“The way we will choose candidates for 2023 is a complete departure from how all parties have done it before. Citizens in every community will choose their representatives. We’re a broad tent where all citizens have space. We’ve opened the door…”




15] @advocatemahere:

“Look at the way MDC-A operated, there’s a lot of gate-keeping. There’s no room for fresh voice, fresh faces, new people to get into politics, new candidates to run, & yet CCC is offering exactly that. You’ll see when we formally launch, all will be clear.”




16] @advocatemahere:

“We are a legal persona. Any lawyer will tell you that any movement, one that has participated in politics, a voluntary association that has an agreement and consensus amongst its members on how it will operate is absolutely a legal persona.”




17] @advocatemahere:

“A constitution is not always at a time that it’s written. For example, a number of churches are legal entities without constitutions. Absolutely, we’ve a constitution & it will be unveiled in due course. It’s a product of broad-based citizens consultations”




18] @advocatemahere:

“Pres Chamisa did a lot of meet the people tours, last year. We don’t talk about this all the time because we need to protect some citizens we consult. Pres Chamisa spoke to special interest groups all around the country. We’ve been doing so repeatedly.”




19] @advocatemahere:

“Obviously our consultations aren’t complete. We’ll continue talking to citizens, experts, friends of struggle, to get their inputs. The outcome will be something we’ll all be proud of. Something that’ll benefit every Zimbabwean who wants dignity & progress”





20] @advocatemahere

On Dr Chan:

“CCC isn’t taking orders from anyone except Zimbabwean citizens. We meet and talk to a number of experts, most of which we don’t even talk about. We speak to Heads of States, leading academics, scientists, economics, every single day.”




21] @advocatemahere:

“What we want to come up with, is something robust & timeless. The politics of the last 20 years hasn’t delivered on the promise. If you know how our decisions are made, it’s not a matter of Fadzi meeting with someone, then Parliament appointments are made”




22] @advocatemahere:

“That Parliamentary process had been in motion for a number of weeks. It’s just a coincidence it was announced after publication of that meeting (with Chan).”

“Our Parliament and Council organization is different. Every deployee has an area of focus”





23] @advocatemahere:

“Our central philosophy is that we want citizens at the center. We don’t want policies on education, health, economy, which benefits elites with connections to gold coins & foreign currency on the auction system, but doesn’t put citizens at the center.”




24] @advocatemahere:

“Our politics now isn’t about gutsaruzhinji. It’s gutsa-mnangagwa, gutsa-friendsofZanupf, gutsa-political elites, gutsa-orligarchs. Look at any public hospital frequented by the citizens; they don’t even have gloves let alone machines. It’s just beds.”




25] @advocatemahere:

Our economic policy:
i. Building trust
ii. Dolarization as a short-term measure to fix currency crisis
iii. Adopting a long-term currency once there’s stability
iv. Fiscal consolidation
v. Prudent spending
vi. Arresting corruption



26] @advocatemahere:

ZACC reports that US 2 billion is lost annually to corruption. That should be going to infrastructure development. We barely need 15 million to fund public hospitals yet they’re stealing $2 billion through gold smuggling. Zim isn’t poor, it’s poorly managed”

27] @advocatemahere:

It’s an indictment on ED’s regime that 1 in every 2 Zimbabwean is leaving in extreme poverty. He promised to create jobs yet he’s creating poor pple. Young pple are suffering from a drug crisis because they’ve no job; no access to quality education; no hope.



28] @advocatemahere:

“Under a CCC gov, they’ll be space for Oppo, even ZanuPF. We won’t kill you for believing differently. We’ll uphold the constitution, the bill of rights; the right to life. People can’t attend a political rally and return as a corpse as we saw with Mboneni”




29] @advocatemahere:

“We can’t have a situation where someone is running a voter registration campaign like Moreblessing Ali, next thing they’re abducted at a shopping center, murdered and found in pieces in a well. That can never happen under a CCC government.”


Robert Tapfumaneyi