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Carry Your Own Cross Marry Mubaiwa Told


By Newsdesk

“I was in court Friday over the maid issue and the other 2charges that have been laid against me. I forced myself to go there even though I was not well, I am not looking for sympathy, but just updating those that want to know my story. Let’s talk,” Marry Mubaiwa.

Below are their responses:

“You sound bitter. Never kick someone while they are down. Best you can do is pray for her or shut up. Ia m not defending whatever she was involved in but she’s here now- no child should be kept from their mother out of spite,” @minelowry.

“Advising you say you were my sister go into exile with your kids as soon as possible as long as you are within reach of their influence you are doomed and soon uchaita accident ne train kunge ma brigadier aye .(akubaira zanhi ndewako),” @SoulTinashe.

“You need to repent to your God and also ask for forgiveness to those you wronged because of your former status. After that this will clear your conscience as to know your way forward and also accept punishment from your God. I am sure at the end you will come out well,” @Bbmanzira.

“Nhasi dai wambomira we are worried about Joana, Cecilia and Netsai who are in prison for fighting for all of us not dzako dzekuty waitobata mamaid rough shuwa. Shuwa,” @sweetpee5501895.

“Focus on your health Marry. Use the resources you have to access the best medical help possible. On this platform, it’s possible to get medical advise, just ask. DM madoctors ari pano, izvo zvemacourts tichazviona mumapepa. Imbonorapwa,”



Robert Tapfumaneyi