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By-Elections Have Resurrected The Change Movement: Manyenyeni



By Ben Manyenyeni


The 26/3/2022 by-elections have resurrected the change movement from near-fatal multi-pronged assaults – sponsored by the State.



The siege in which most relevant arms of state played key roles sought the demise of the MDC-A (as we knew it then).



The people’s dream for a better country took up a new brand with the yellow colour taking off like a rocket.



The result is most commendable for CCC.


The change movement is funded by a blend of goodwill and citizen sacrifices.



This is in contrast to the rulership which rides cosy on a combo of involuntary taxpayers and willing looters.



The money that should be fixing roads, hospitals, schools etc will be commandeered into electioneering trinkets.


This recent, completely UNNECESSARY, by-election blew nearly USD $30m away from the citizens – that’s the price we pay for having politicians and not leaders
The outcome of the elections presents a few possibilities:


1. ZanuPF will plunge the country into more electioneering at whatever cost to the citizens.


2. Zimbabweans will pay heavily for what Zanu may want to do to look sexy (or ugly!) ahead of the 2023 beauty parade.


3.More smash-and-grab antics – the earth will be scorched further.



4. The divide-and-rule toolbox has 42 years’ experience – watch out for revised experiments.


5. There is already talk for each political party to re-group with respective ex-members ahead of 2023.


With all this why do I think we have yet another opportunity for the two real forces to sit down, talk about a new Zimbabwe, a new dispensation, talk national??

Robert Tapfumaneyi