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Brother To Brother Programmes Takes Young Boys Off Drug Abuse






By Elizabeth Nyaguyo




Hopely….. Young men and boys expressed their gratitude to ZICHIRe for the formation of the Brother to Brother programme which is meant to educate them on Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH) related information among other issues such as the dangers of drugs.





Zimbabwe Community Health International Research (ZICHIRe) has introduced Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH) programme targeting young men and boys from 10-24 years of age.



Among issues being discussed is the topical issue of drugs.





In an interview during a National Aids Council (NAC), media tour several young boys expressed their gratification on the programme.





“This programme has been a life changer to us because it has reduced the rate of drugs in our area,” said Tinotenda Zingwani.





“I was one of the guys who were taking drugs but when l started coming here for lessons it takes me time to leave drugs but I had a good lesson on the dangers of drugs.





“I want to thank these guys because they helped me so much and now, I am no longer taking drugs,” Succeed Magatsi said.





Another youth Fordwell Meki added that Brother to Brother helped him to pursue with his dream of playing soccer.





“I want to thank the Brother to brother because it brings back and nature’s my dream of becoming a soccer super star that was killed in 2015 after the team, I used to play I’m decided to start taking drugs and the team collapsed.




“As we speak, we have our team and the team is very strong so I want to thank the founders of B to B because now we are able to go to other tournaments in places like Mbare,” he said.





Speaking during the same event the programs officer for Hopely Brother to Brother Obey Mukorera said that since the program started, they are now having success stories.





“As for the success rate some of them have been said by the boys most of them were into drugs but when we started this programme the rate is decreasing.



“Most of these young boys are coming to sessions and we are so happy about it and other were well known for being the perpetrators of Gender Based Violance (GBV) but after the sessions you can hear them saying that they were in darkness and this will show that the programme is helping positively,” he said.





One of the mentors Madzibaba said that this programme has helped young men and boys because as they are now taking things in life seriously.



“These boys initially before the programme they were afraid to go to clinics to know their status but after the sessions we did here they are now approaching clinics for help.




“We are happy because most of them are now changing not all of them but some but still we are seeing good fruits coming out from the programme.




“Even the issues of them having sexual relationships with girls yes they are still doing it but now they have the knowledge on the dangers of having unprotected sex,” he said.




Brother to brother program has been funded by NAC,,World Vision and other organisations.


Robert Tapfumaneyi