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‘Bring Back RTGS Prices’: Citizens


By Elizabeth Nyaguyo


Some citizens said the pegging of some basic commodities exclusively United States dollars (USD) is an unfair business practices




Most of them said they are earning salaries in Zimbabwean dollars (RTGS).



This comes after some shops in the CBD woke up early this Tuesday price tags of some products like Mazoe 2litres going got US$299 among other commodities.




The Minister of Finance Mtuli Ncube Tuesday during the post cabinet media briefing said they will withdraw trading licenses from all retailers who are pegging prices of basic commodities exclusively in USD.



In an interview with Sly Media, citizens expressed their anger saying that they are earning salaries in Zimbabwean dollars and some shops are demanding USD for basic goods.




“I am a vendor thing are tough for me and how can these people think that I will raise USD from my job so that i will be able to buy cooking oil.




“They should allow us to have a choice like before because our living standards are not the same.




“Right now I am struggling look I am selling Zap Nax and when do you think I will be able to raise US$1 these people should consider other people when making decisions.” said Chenai Dziwande.



“I am a civil servant and I am earning Zimbabwean dollars and for me to buy groceries I have to go at black market and change for me to have USD so that I will be able to buy basic goods in shops it is not fair at all”, said one man who refused to be mentioned.





Other citizens cry foul over this new move taken by some retail shops as they said that they cannot afford to buy basic goods because of this move shops have decided to take.




“Look I am a father of three and two of my children are no longer going to school because I am failing to provide their school fees but in as much as I am trying to buy food using the salary I am earning it is now hard for me because my salary is now buying only 2liters of cooking oil and mealie meal only,” said Joseph Matanga.




“Government should withdraw trading licenses from these shops because we cannot stand this we cannot survive look I am a herbalist I sell herbs in CBD and since last month people are no longer buying herbs using USD so tell me how much should I raise so that I will be able to get $2.



‘’My herbs ranges from $1 but people are paying using Zimbabwean dollars and Eco cash so for me to buy cooking oil it is now hard because money changers are also at work they will be charging what they want to an extend that I can be left with less than $1,”said Mbuya Katiyo.


Robert Tapfumaneyi