Breaking News: Johannesburg’s Mayor Jolidee Matongo, a Zimbabwean Has Died In A Car Accident



Johannesburg’s mayor Jolidee Matongo, a Zimbabwean only elected to the position last month, has died in a car accident



Jolidee Matongo was elected unopposed as new executive mayor of the City of Johannesburg, in August.
The 269 councillors in the metro did not submit any other names and as per the Municipal Structures Act, in the case that there was only one nominee, that person automatically assumed the position.




The ANC has 124 seats in the council and needed 12 votes from other parties to install Matongo as their mayoral choice – he welcomed the uncontested nomination and promised to hit the ground running as new mayor.




Matongo served as the MMC for Finance under Makhubo. He had risen through the ranks, from serving as a member of the Soweto Student Congress and the Congress of South African Students (Cosas) before moving on to serve as the regional head of communications in the ANC for eight years.



Born 1974/1975 in Soweto, Transvaal Provinc was a South African politician.



He had been active in South African politics before he was elected to serve as mayor.




He was a member of the mayoral committee (MMC) for finance. Jolidee served under late Geoff Makhubo.
Jolidee was a member of the ruling political party African National Congress (ANC).



Matongo was born in 1974 or 1975 in Soweto, south of Johannesburg to parents who are Zimbabwean migrants. During his teenage days, he was already active in politics. The experience he has gained since his political activity as a teenager is helping him to date.



He attended the University of South Africa (UNISA). Jolidee graduated with a diploma in public management, a B-Tech degree in public management.



He also obtained a postgraduate diploma in management from Milpark Education.



At the Management College of Southern Africa, he is a master’s degree student. Jolidee is studying for a master’s degree in public management.






At thirteen years, he was involved in South Africa‘s political activities. The political heavyweight was a member of the Soweto Student Congress.



He was also a member of the Congress of South African Students. Matongo also served as the regional head of communications of the political party African National Congress.




He remained in the position for eight years and has also worked in credible positions for the City of Johannesburg’s housing department. Jolidee later occupied the position of deputy director of youth development.



The political juggernaut also served as the chief of staff for many Gauteng Members of the Executive Council. Matongo was appointed a strategic support advisor in the office of the MMC for Finance.



For over eighteen years, he has been a member of the ANC’s REC in Johannesburg. As a member of the ANC’s Regional Executive Committee, Matongo served as spokesperson.



Matongo was elected unopposed as the City of Johannesburg’s executive mayor in August 2021. He took the mayoral chain after Makhubo died in July from Covid-19.


Personal life


Together with his family, the Mayor of Johannesburg resided in Lenasia.




Together with his wife, they celebrated their 14th wedding anniversary in April 2020. Jolidee Matongo was married for over fifteen years.




City of Joburg Speaker Nonceba Molwele cleared the air around Jolidee Matongo’s citizenship. He dismissed remarks that the mayor is not a citizen of South Africa.



Matongo made it known in a speech that his father is a migrant from Zimbabwe. However, he was born and raised in Soweto. According to Molwele, Jolidee’s father was a legal migrant.



“It is important because there’s a perception that the executive mayor is not a citizen. I want to put it into perspective that the executive mayor was born and brought up in the country – in Soweto, to be precise. He has been in different structures that fought for the liberation of the citizens and the people of South Africa. He is not a migrant.”


Robert Tapfumaneyi

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