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Binga Records Lowest HIV Prevalence Rate


By Staff Reporter

The National Aids Council (NAC) 2021 Global AIDS Monitoring Report indicates Binga district recorded the lowest HIV prevalence rate in the country.

According to the report the highest prevalence rate which was 21.9 percent was recorded in Tsholotsho.

NAC Monitoring and Evaluation director Amon Mpofu attributed the low rates to Binga’s cultural norms and values
“I think Binga culturally you know that there are very strict, when you get there you have to be very careful because they are very strict on their morals and their culture as a result you see the epidemic lower,” said Mpofu on Friday.

“So, really it shows that some of these cultural practices can assist us in controlling HIV as in the case of Binga.

“Obviously Tsholotsho being one of our border districts with our neighbouring countries which is Botswana and South Africa we have most of our people working there, they always come, some of them do not have even travel documents and so on.

“So, these are the problems that we are facing because our borders are also open to other countries so you will find districts like Tsholotsho, Plumtree and Bulilima reflecting migration between the countries’ border towns.”

NAC chief executive officer Dr Bernard Madzima said the report indicated the success in bending the trajectory of the AIDS epidemic.

“These achievements have emboldened us to pursue the 95-95-95 as we inch towards ending AIDS as a public health threat by 2030,” said Dr Madzima.

Robert Tapfumaneyi


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