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Crime & Courts

Bath 1st And We Make Love As Woman Takes Hubby To Court


By Elizabeth Nyaguyo


Madziva man Givemore Makaza(34) appeared before Chief Nyamaropa’s traditional court after his wife Shylet reported that he if failing to take his responsibilities as a father.




In an interview with Sly Media, Shylet told the traditional court that her husband Makaza is failing to take his responsibilities as the man of the house.





“My husband here is not doing his duty as a man of the house if I can tell you my children are not going to school because he is failing to pay for their school fees.






“Now it’s almost two months he is not coming back home I don’t know where he is eating and staying,” she said.




She added that, her husband is abusive as he always demands to have s*x with her after returning from his girlfriend’s houses at the middle of the night.




“He usually come home during the night at ten or twelve from his girlfriend’s place and he will start forcing me to have sex with him without bathing.






“I told him that I cannot have any sexual relation with him until he get tested because I have developed some blisters on my private parts from the thighs but he denied going to the clinic and kept forcing me to have s*x with me.





“He always say to me you should be used to a fool you married because shouting at me cannot change anything,” she added.




Makaza said that he is a responsible man that loves his family and he was
doing everything possible to make his family happy.





“All these are lies l am a responsible man all my children are going to school it is just l left the receipts to show that even this terms fees I fully paid up.




“When it comes to s*x she does not want to give me so yes I ended up having a girlfriend so that she will provide me with enough sex since my wife cannot do it for me,” said Makaza





He blamed his wife for not being a good wife as he said she fight him and she does not want to sleep with him on the same bed like other women.




“This wife almost killed me I have wounds all over my body as you see this is a wound on my hand and the other one is at my back she was fighting me the day she found out that I had a girlfriend.



“She does not want to sleep with me on the same bed she usually sleeps on the floor or in the kitchen so as to avoid me which is bad,” he added.



Robert Tapfumaneyi