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ARTUZ Mutoko District ON Grade 7 Results


By Rural Teachers
The 9.7% drop in the Zimsec 2020 grade seven pass rate from the 46.9% in 2019 has raised a red flag on how our education system has dilapidated, the analysis of the grade seven results reflects the level of depreciation being suffered by our education system.
Indeed there is a crisis in the education sector, the ZIMSEC grade seven 2020 candidature failed the public examinations dismally.
It has come to our attention that 95% of the primary schools in Mutoko failed to attain percentage pass rates above 25%.
The poor pass rates across the nation has not spared Mutoko district, the results in MUTOKO district and Zimbabwe in general are direct attributes of poor investment into the education sector amidst the covid-19 pandemic by the government of the day.
The emergence of the pandemic brought with it lockdown which crippled the smooth flow of the 2020 academic calendar, instead of adapting to the lockdown settings by putting in place sustainable mechanism that save our education as a nation.
Its shocking that the deficit in the education system has been turned into a blame game by the orchestrators of the prevailing crises in the education sector.
It’s known to everyone that you rip what you sow, the 2020 grade seven results are a clear indication that the government is not dedicated to invest in education.
This note serves to clear teachers off the mess in the education sector and direct the shortcomings in the education system back to the source, below is a list of contributory factors to the quagmire in the education sector particularly the 2020 grade 7 candidates:
*Covid-19 induced lockdown which saw the 2020 academic calendar being cut short on the 24 of march up to the year end.
*Unavailability of a sustainable scheme to ensure online learning is accessible to all learners including those from poor backgrounds.
*Leaner got trapped into money making activities together with social immoralities associated with idle minds in learners.
*Pushing for the continuation of exams by government without proper learner preparation. Learners did not learn.
*Lack of resources in schools to support the new curriculum
*Poor teacher remuneration, current salaries demotivate teachers to diligently offer services.
As ARTUZ Mutoko district we condemn the blame game being insinuated by government on teachers, we love our education system and we’re dedicated to save the education system by all means possible.
We call the responsible authorities to act immediately in addressing the factors corroding our beloved education system by engaging stakeholders in the education system.

Robert Tapfumaneyi