Arrest of SA Homeless Man Accused of Torching Parliament Building: A Bad Script



this homeless guy decides to break into parliament on Sunday.
There is no alarm armed…



The cameras aren’t working….
the guards have been told to take the weekend off by whoever is their boss….
This national keypoint is entirely empty and standing open…



The sprinklers have been turned off….
He luckily picks the part of this huge building where the offices are…
Some staff have left their laptops in their office. Odd that they left them there, but okay….




He takes these.
He finds the good silver and take this too.
must be quite a bit of stuff to carry by now.




Then this homeless man decides to pilfer some documents? not electronics or valuable metal items that he can turn for quick cash, but reams of paper?
This homeless guy also just happens to be carrying actual explosives – which obviously he keeps dry and in good order while sleeping on the streets. and which he knows how to use.




He then decides to set a couple of fires in the building as he’s leaving.
no one sees him leave, or notices that the place is on fire until it’s well ablaze. not even a smoke detector in one of the country’s most important buildings.




Then the Hawks ( South Africa’s special investigating unit who entirely failed to notice anyone looting the country for over 10 years) swoop in and track this homeless man down in under 3 hours… while the place is still ablaze… with no witnesses, no camera playback, no time for finger prints or forensics… they couldn’t even go inside and determine if anything had been pinched at this point, or even how the fire started.




They just identify and find this guy who lives on the street and doesn’t even have an address.
lets be clear – BEFORE they even knew or could confirm that it was arson and a break Inand this elite investigating unit hand him over to a regular SAPS constable….
who manage to hang onto him, sort out a charge sheet and have a full list of charges to present to the court in under 48 hours.
and lets be clear again – BEFORE they can even go inside or conduct an investigation.



I’ve seen pretty bad scripts in my time but this is even less believable than anything even Steven Seagal has starred in!


Robert Tapfumaneyi