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Are You Saying People With Disabilities Should Not Have Families?


By Nikki Kademaunga

Disability And dating!

I wonder why you all think when a person has a disability, they have to settle for anything? Wena we love the nice stuff too, money, six pack and all.

The sons of king Solomon would date you for experiments and to prove if certain myths are true, cheat on you and not feel bad about it.

I mean just disrespect you anyhow because they think dating you is doing you a big favor.

If they genuinely love you then their family, friends and society are quick to say ‘Mashura or umhlolo’

Last year I remember how Greatman’s woman was criticised for dating him, I have also noted with so much concern how you all rush into sympathising with a pregnant woman with a disability.

Hanzi ‘ hiii whoever did this to her is heartless’.

Is it that you think people with disabilities have no emotions to love or be fond of someone?

Are you saying people with disabilities should not have families?

Or you think it’s impossible for a able bodied person to genuinely love a person with a disability?


Well said @kudakwashe_tamia


Robert Tapfumaneyi