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Are Nelson Chamisa And Edmund Gay Partners? Prof Jonathan Moyo


Chamisa Exposed His Moral And Leadership Bankruptcy: 


By Prof Jonathan Moyo

While I’m sad I cannot continue to respond to each and all of them, I’m heartened by the deluge of DMs asking for the reason for the crude slurs I get from @nelsonchamisa supporters; which reflect deep-seated hatred as they have also targeted my sister and my late daughter!



The reason for the slurs I am getting is @nelsonchamisa himself. While he feigns ignorance and appears to be silent amid the slurs, Nelson has in fact used his seeming silence as a cover to fan and fuel the slurs. He has rebuffed all efforts to get him to address the slurs!




In the circumstances, the only rational option left is for me to transparently and objectively address the reason for the crude #CCC slurs, one way or another; away from @Twitter at an appropriate time, as soon as practically possible. This I shall do, without prejudice!




Meanwhile, it’s a fallacy to assume that the slurs I’m getting from @nelsonchamisa ‘s supporters, which smack of hatred as they also have targeted my friends and my relatives, are because of my criticism of @CCCZimbabwe ‘s structureless setup.




My structures argument is not new. I argued on 8 April 2018 that “a rally is not a structure”. This was to warn against the misinterpretation of huge crowds at
@nelsonchamisa ‘s campain rallies in the July 2018 presidential poll. I made a similar point on 12 Nov 2021!




While @nelsonchamisa ‘s supporters have singled me out for their vile slurs, with
@EdmundKudzayi and my relatives as collateral damage, others like @DrStephenChan , @Chofamba and in @NewsDayZimbabwe @Zimindependent & @thestandardzim have also made the structures critique!




What’s telling and reveals hatred is that, while many others have made the argument for the indispensability of structures in #CCC, @nelsonchamisa ‘s base has targeted only me, @EdmundKudzayi and my relatives for its most vile slurs. The reason for this targeting is Nelson!



Interestingly, @nelsonchamisa and @EdmundKudzayi are tight Brothers in Christ. They used to hold prayers – just the two of them – at Nelson’s Advocates Chambers office. Vakomana vema all-night prayers kuzvikomo muDomboshava. Given this, are Nelson and Edmund gay partners?




Given the very close relationship he has with @EdmundKudzayi , it must be said strongly that @nelsonchamisa ‘s silence over the vile gay slurs from his supporters, is proof of his profound moral and leadership bankruptcy. If Edmund is gay as per the #CCC slurs, so is Nelson!




I criticise #CCC’s lack of structures – as did others – they respond by dragging in and demonising my sister, and my late daughter. More egregious, the @CCCZimbabwe ‘s spokesperson claims it was cowardice of me to run away from soldiers who attacked my home in the 2017 coup!



While the lie by @nelsonchamisa ‘s cultic @Twitter influencers is that the vile slurs started after my structures critique, the truth is they started well before @CCCZimbabwe’s formation. Below is an instructive example, which had Nelson’s favour!



When I challenged @nelsonchamisa over the crude slurs in @S_Harudzibw’s 3 Sept 2021 tweet, he went mum. I then raised it with @adv_fulcrum who admitted it was wrong; and tried in vain to get Nelson to act on it. Nelson’s stance showed that the slurs reflected his view!




The nub of @S_Harudzibwi ‘s crude slurs, and @nelsonchamisa ‘s coziness with them, was unmasked by @TomChallenge . Clearly: 1. Nelson sees himself as the centre on which politics in Zim should pivot. 2. #CCC cultists have irreconcilable issues with Mugabe and some “G40s”!




On 9 Aug 2021 @glenmpani noted that Zimbabweans seeking change found @nelsonchamisa ‘s MDC-A to be “disorganised, intolerant, immature & unstrategic”. And #CCC has the same MDC-A-like ills, identified by @glenmpani . Sadly, @nelsonchamisa ‘s MDC-A cult is now his #CCC cult!



When President Mugabe endorsed @nelsonchamisa in 2018, he did not say he was joining the MDC-A or that he loved Nelson. He said it was because he could not vote for his tormentors, and there wasn’t much to choose from. It was that simple, as a statement of real politics!



On my part, I never sought to join MDC, given its treacherous ideology. In Nov 2021, I told @nelsonchamisa both by phone and in writing, that he was nolonger supportable. I thus could not seek to join Nelson’s no ideology, no values, constitution & no structure #CCC!




While the intolerance & immaturity of the MDC-A identified by @glenmpani
fingered supporters, the elephant in the room that he did not id ntify was, as it is in #CCC, @nelsonchamisa . In Africa, the mob utterances of political parties reflect the positions of their leaders!




It’s impossible that political supporters of a beloved political leader, would say or do things in public, including on social media platforms like these streets, that are contrary to the interests of their beloved leader. #CCC’s vile slurs drive Nelson’s political agenda!




On the back of vile slurs of his social media supporters, @nelsonchamisa hates ideology, values, a constitution and structures; and hopes to evade accountability to wad off rivals, as he pushes his “God Complex” in his #CCC base. Now Nelson says he’s been chosen by God!



At the much touted “#YellowSunday” rally on 20 Feb 2022, @nelsonchamisa boasted that he had “deliberately avoided” ideology and values. That exposed his moral and leadership bankruptcy: one cannot lead a political party or a social movement with no ideology and no values!




I stopped supporting #CCC after its Zimbabwe Grounds #YellowSunday rally in Feb. I cannot support a political party or a social movement whose ideology & values I don’t know or agree with. Political parties are ideologically based, and social movements are driven by values!




Instructive examples of leaders of social movements in history are Mahatma Gandhi (peace), Martin Luther King Jr (civil rights) and Nelson Mandela (democracy). With his God Complex, nothing about @nelsonchamisa approximates even a tiny winy fraction of these examples!



Bereft of ideology, values, a constitution and structures – on the back of his God Complex backed by the pentecostal-like cult politics of his base – on 5/3/22 @nelsonchamisa said he will sign nomination papers for all #CCC’s 2023 candidates, numbering some 2,428. Absurd!



All told, it is hard to believe that seasoned #CCC constitutional lawyers – such as
@BitiTendai , @Welshman_Ncube and @DavidColtart – support @nelsonchamisa
‘s no ideology, no values, no constitution and no structures for #CCC, as a political party or a social movement!


Robert Tapfumaneyi