Ambuya NeHanda’s Relatives Being Persecuted


By Jealous Mawarire

Zimbabweans, have u ever wondered why former Registrar Gen Tobaiwa Mudede was arrested and arraigned before the courts last week?

Well, Mudede is a Hwata, a Mhofu, a close relative of Charwe (Mbuya Nehanda medium) and was against the erection of Charwe’s statue without the of the Hwata family.

In anger, Idhii and Gen Racto reacted by having Mudede arrested for some alleged theft which happened 20 or so years ago.

That’s how far the Junta-PF will go in pushing for their occultist shenanigans. It’s quite clear that they left no stone unturned in their quest to erect that statue & do rituals during the ceremony.

In the same way they bulldozed over family concerns in their bid to erect a statue for Charwe, they are riding roughshod over Mugabe’s family in their attempts to exhume his body & do rituals at some supposed reburial at Heroes Acre.

But what I want to ask Pres @edmnangagwa & @nickmangwana is why should ED prioritise exhuming Mugabe when ED’s father lies buried in Mumbwa, Zambia?

When is @edmnangagwa going to exhume his own father who is buried in a foreign country in order to ‘properly’ bury him in independent Zimbabwe?

Hasn’t Pres Mnangagwa told us about how his father fought colonialists in Southern Rhodesia until he had to be deported to Zambia?

So why should we have such a gallant son of the soil lie buried in a foreign land he was banished into by the racist colonial govt of the time?

Doesn’t it make sense, Cde @edmnangagwa, that you prioritise the exhumation & reburial of your father in independent Zimbabwe, even at the Heroes Acre, for out of his loins came forth our esteemed President?

President ED Mnangagwa , doesn’t charity begin at home? Why would you want to exhume President Mugabe against the wishes of his children when your own father lies undisturbed in Zambia?

Don’t you think bringing your father home should take precedence over RGM exhumation and Charwe statue?

Surely, President @edmnangagwa, if you want people to respect you, stop suspecting there are some ulterior motives pushing you to exhume RGM or erect Charwe’s statue against the wishes of the two’s close family members, you should go ahead and exhume your father from Zambia and properly bury him in independent Zimbabwe?

I am asking as a genuine peace loving Zimbabwean who understand the history of this country and its people.



Robert Tapfumaneyi


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