‘Am Sorry For Policies and Laws Implemented Under My Watch,’ Jonathan Moyo



Dear Everyone, 1/24 WHAT’S GOING ON? This is the question I have been asked over the last few days, and especially since las Friday, through DMs, chats, calls & even in these streets. It all started with this tweet by @glenmpani


2/24 The point by @glenmpani
was that Zimbabweans seeking change: *Want out/can’t join ZanuPF. *Find MDC Chamisa disorganized, intolerant, immature & unstrategic. *Think it’s suicidal to be independent or to form a party. I agreed with him as per this!


3/24 ALAS, @glenmpani ‘s tweet & my rejoinder torched a storm, with a torrent of abuse from some MDC-A rank and file. The worst for me was an MDC-A leader who angrily told a mutual colleague that I should have shared my rejoinder with him before tweeting it. No academic does that!


4/24 THE INTOLERANT and abusive response showed that both @glenmpani
‘s intervention and my rejoinder had been badly misunderstood by our friends. In the interest of promoting mutual understanding, I did this thread to share the reasons for our ARGUMENT!


5/24 MY SECOND THREAD made a bad situation worse. Our attackers doubled down and multiplied; as Mnangagwa’s #varakashi understandably but unfortunately jumped in to like and retweet the attacks to MULTIPLY & AMPLIFY the NOISE from our MDC-A attackers, for maximum negative impact!


6/24 THEN, after @HHichilema ‘s victory, #CIO launched a #TwitterBots campaign to get its internal, counterintelligence, research branches & varakashi to scuttle a united anti-Mnangagwa front pre-2023. Among initial targets are @daddyhope , @waltermzembi ,
@PedzisaiRuhanya & myself!

7/24 NOW THE #CIO #Twitterbots operation is in full swing. Its first big target was
@daddyhope , accused by #CIO bots of revealing to govt; warehouses for victims of state violence. Also targeted are “G40s” & MDC-A influencers, seen by the #CIO as having a “stockholder” syndrome!


8/24 IN THE CIRCUMSTANCES, @glenmpani ‘s & my take on the state of the MDC-A has given hostage to fortune to the #CIO’s #Twitterbots operation, which has gone crazy in its amplification & multiplication of the attacks on @glenmpani & me, for our OPINION on the state of the MDC-A!


9/24 THE MAYHEM ESCALATED on 2 Sept 2021 when an MDC-A BRANCH,
@EuropeMdc , out of the blues, tweeted: “If G40 are truly repentant, they should tell people the rigging mechanisms they used while in Zanu”. Now, there was an OFFICIAL MDC-A attack on “G40”!



10/24 WHAT’S INSTRUCTIVE about the @EuropeMdc attack is that it was unprovoked & apparently had the backing of some MDC-A leaders. When I responded to the attack on my TL, all hell broke loose. Excitable MDC-A stockholder-influencers, pounced on my response with reckless abandon!



11/24 I POSTED THE ATTACHED tweet to send a clear message to #CIO’s #Twitterbots & the MDC-A leaders who sanctioned the unprovoked attack by @EuropeMdc branch, that the “G40s” they were attacking know only too well, the real reason for the #CIO inspired attack through @EuropeMdc


12/24 MY RESPONSE to the unprovoked attack on “G40s” by @EuropeMdc branch led to two developments; that riled the #CIO #Twitterbots managers and the MDC-A leaders and influencers behind the @EuropeMdc attack. The first was this @NewsDayZimbabwe article


13/24 THE SECOND DEVELOPMENT that riled #CIO’s #Twitterbots managers and MDC-A hands behind the @EuropeMdc ‘s unprovoked attack on “G40s”, was a cryptic tweet by
@DrStephenChan , who is resented in MDC-A circles for what is seen as his consistently negative views on @nelsonchamisa



14/24 IN BETWEEN, other MDC-A influencers joined the fray. An example is @S_Harudzibwi who took ZanuPF’s line that, “EXCELGATE WASN’T WRITTEN FOR CHAMISA, IT’S HIS (Jonathan Moyo’s) ONLY WAY OF FIGHTING ED”. The #CIO’s #Twitterbots & varakashi GOT ECSTATIC with likes & retweets!



15/24 BY 4/9/21 MDC-A TROLLS, #CIO #Twittwrbots & @PacheduZW
WERE IN CHORUS, variously demanding from @waltermzembi or me or both wholesale apologies. Shockingly, some compared their demands with societal demands for MNANGAGWA TO APOLOGISE for his role in #gukurahundi atrocities!



16/24 PERHAPS PREDICTABLY, and particularly notorious in the ensuing milieu,
@freemanchari ‘s rabid tweets attracted more rabid interest from #CIO’s #Twitterbots & varakashi; as had happened in Chari’s vilification of @daddyhope , which he abandoned after @P_VanDamme_EU intervened!



17/24 THE FACT that @freemanchari is a coordinator of the @PacheduZW
account, added fuel to his fire. He has Lacoste ties; his father Henry Chari is a Warvet & he’s raised funds for his mother, Gladys Chari, to contest @waltermzembi
in ZanuPF primaries in Masvingo South: 2004-17!



18/24 ON SANCTIONS, it’s a fact that the MDC opposed the historic land reform & campaigned for sanctions. It’s an agreed position in @SADC_News , @_AfricanUnion ,
@UN General Assembly & some IFIs that sanctions have destroyed lives & livelihoods in Zimbabwe!



19/24 AS I SAID on 3 Aug 2021 on #TwitterSpaces with @daddyhope , I take full responsibility for all the policies & laws implemented under my watch in Information & Higher Education. I APOLOGISE for any bad & unintended consequences of these policies & laws on any person or group!



20/24 THERE WERE HEINOUS CRIMES committed against individuals & groups in the total of 8 years I served in Cabinet; on two separate occasions. There were no policies or laws to abduct, torture or kill anyone. I don’t take any responsibility for such, as I was not involved in any!


21/24 POLITICAL VIOLENCE in Zim is committed by LOCAL PLAYERS in their communities. The exception is in cases committed by State SECURITY AGENTS deployed away from their home areas. I’m proud to say I never got involved in violence anywhere in Zim, with 7 ELECTIONS IN TSHOLOTSHO!



22/24 ANYONE WHO ABDUCTED, tortured or killed anyone must be held accountable in terms of due process of law. IMPUNITY in Zim will not end without a @UN judicial process to investigate ALL CASES of heinous crimes & hold the culprits accountable under domestic & INTERNATIONAL LAW!



23/24 SOMEONE LIKE ME, who’s never been, is not & isn’t seeking to be MDC; will not parrot MDC positions against my conscience. DIFFERENCES & commonalities must be acknowledged; keeping eyes on the SHARED GOAL. With the GNU as a shared goal, SANCTIONS didn’t divide ZanuPF & MDCs!


24/24 ALL TOLD, and while political sentiments in Zim generally pivot on the ZanuPF/MDC divide, there’s lots in between. It is for this reason that @nelsonchamisa
‘s “CITIZEN CONVERGENCE FOR CHANGE” appeals to MOST Zimbabweans of DIFFERENT political affiliations, as a SHARED GOAL!



Robert Tapfumaneyi

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