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All SA Shops, Restaurants, Factories And Companies Ordered To Fire Every Zimbabwean Before 2 September



‚ÄúOperation Dudula‚ÄĚ intended to push foreigners out of Soweto on Youth Day. Picture: James Oatway.

After hundreds of anti-foreigner vigilante groups such as Operation Dudula and their members marched through the streets of Durban, they have decided to show that they mean serious business and are not going to back.


The marchers were demanding that the government should take a strong action to deal with high numbers of illegal immigrants.


The protesters sang and chanted anti-immigrant slogans, under the watchful eyes of the police before they submitted their demands to the Home Affairs department.



Following the march, one of the vigilante’s leaders, who identified himself as Makoloba, has taken upon himself to issue a stern warning to all foreigners living and working in South Africa as well as all companies or businesses that are employing foreigners to immediately fire them and quickly replace them with foreigners before 2 September 2022, their deadline.



Below is the transcript of the message the vigilante group leader issued via WhatsApp:



“Greetings to all South Africans, friends, patriots and commanders, comrades. My name is Makoloba. Today I want to just give you a special announcement coming from the march we had in Durban. So on the 2nd of September we are expecting Home Affairs together with all law enforcement agencies to respond to the march demands in Durban on the 11th of August 2022, which gave them 21 days till the 2nd of September 2022.



“The second phase of this joint operation will be a national joint operation in nine provinces, starting on the 15th of September 2022, which one of them (the demand) is to close Home Affairs Administration system and open a deporting system. That is one of our demands to Home Affairs.



“Our action, if we are ignored, will be a Shop’s door-to-door, including factories, truck companies and other businesses, to remove foreigners from our businesses and employment system. The duration of this operation will take almost six months till March 2023 to clean our cities, townships and rural areas, but peacefully.


“Our mandate is that, no foreigners are allowed to have businesses or employed in South Africa, including the China minister, the PR counsellors and officials from counsellors from Council and departments who are employed or deployed by the ruling party. So we are saying we don’t want this China minister in our country to occupy an executive post without having considered that South Africa has been high rate of unemployment (sic).


“So we are saying, ruling party, please remove all the foreigners in the system of government so that we must, we as a country, must reach 0.0% of the unemployment rate in South Africa. So this is the end results of this six months‚Ķ we want to reach 0.0 percent of unemployment rate in South Africa.”


“This message must reach foreign Nationals and foreign National employers, either trucks owners, tuck shops, owners, restaurants, factories, companies‚Ķ but they must start now, removing and clean foreigners before we visit their institutions and give them South Africans to employ‚Ķ or businesses with South Africans who don’t pay employees according to the minimum wage, or, and none electronic businesses, we will close those businesses immediately, because they are not paying tax in South Africa.”


“Youth of South Africa must be considered as the first priority for employment. Government must set an example as well to comply with this community demand. Nine province coordinators must share this message with all regions up to the rural areas and employees must share this message with the employers. Government must share this message with Metros, Districts, local up to the ward. Foreigners must share this information, message and live peaceful in our country and stay as refugees in this country.”



“Please allow me to thank this following organization (sic) who took a very initiative in making sure that the march is successful. That one is South Africa Not For Sale, Dudula Operation, Imbumba Business Association, ATDF, ASA, Umkonto Wesizwe, Opesa, Street Vendor Formation. Please expect more organizations to join us because we want to make sure that this operation is successful.”



“All law enforcement agencies, including SANDF, are requested to work with the citizens of South Africa, not against, to remove illegal foreigners in our country and stop threatening the citizens with the law, and not let the country free for all. We know that that is the freedom Charter and we are against that specific statement.”


“Gauteng, we are coming on the 18th. Please, all the organizations must contact us so that we can sit down and plan, properly plan, because we want to close as well the Johannesburg City to make sure that we send a clear message to all the cities, that we are coming for this foreigners (sic). Once you get this VN end please share it immediately.”


Robert Tapfumaneyi