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Age Is Just A Number: 90-Year-Old Gogo Mondilewa


By Elizabeth Nyaguyo


The old adage age is just a number rings true for 90-year-old Warren Park Gogo Mondilewa Chocoloco Bumshine whose relationship with her husband who is five years younger than her has stood the test of time.


Popularly known in Warren Park as Gogo Mabhonzo said it was true love that they had managed to grow old together despite what naysayers thought about their marriage.


Gogo Mabhonzo said the secret behind the success of their relationship was loyalty.


“I am 90 and my husband is 85 but that age difference is nothing compared to what we feel for each other,” she said.

“Despite our age difference our feelings are still the same because we have managed to be loyal to one another.


“Age is just a number if you love your partner truly and that love will conquer everything in life.”


Gogo Mabhonzo said she understood that no one was perfect and she had grown to accept her husband with his imperfections.



“It is because of the love that I have for my husband that makes me tolerate him,” she said.
“He is a drunkard and at times steals my money and use it to buy beer but I always put that behind.”
Gogo Mabhonzo spoke about how the two managed to work together to build a home for their family.



“It is because of the love I have for him that made me help him save money so that we build our house,” she said.
“I was married in 1984 and at that time my husband only had a one roomed house but our hard work paid off.



“I saved my money which I got from my bone picking business so as to help him to extend our house to seven rooms.”



Gogo Mabhonzo urged women to support their husbands even if they are going through a rough patch.
“I urge all the women out there to love their husbands even if they seem to be useless and are they are not employed,” she said.



“My feelings towards my husband did not change when he became jobless, but I continued to love him and I became the breadwinner until he decided to stay in the rural areas.”


Robert Tapfumaneyi