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Aftermath Of The Incessant Rains In Chapoto

By Douglas Karoro (MP)

By Douglas Karoro (MP)

Yesterday (4 March 2021) I visited the affected households whose homes were destroyed by the incessant rains. Crop fields were also affected by the resultant.

I am much indebted to Mbire DDC Mr Maruta and Mr Mahuni from Mbire RDC who accompanied me to Chapoto.

My Observations and Recommendations to DCPU

#7 Households require urgent food aid.
#The 7 Households also require Non food items (utensils, water buckets etc) that were washed away by the flood waters.

#84 field crops were severely affected by the flooding

#The 84 Households whose crop fields were affected require assistance with Seed, fertilizers and crop chemicals. Farmers can replant in the flood plains once the floods subside.

On behalf of the Mbire community, I am hereby appealing for assistance from individuals and corporates. The assistance should be directed to,
MBIRE DISTRICT CIVIL PROTECTION UNIT through the DDC Mr Maruta on 0776462891



Robert Tapfumaneyi