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AFM Loser Tell Church Supporters Not To Be Intimidated By Supreme Court Judgement


By Rev. Dr. Nathan Nhira, General Secretary.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a special message to all our membership. On behalf of the President, Rev. C. Chiangwa, the Deputy President, Rev. A. Chinyemba, and the entire Apostolic Council, whose mandate is to direct the affairs of the Church in between Workers Councils, the much awaited Supreme Judgment has finally been pronounced.

It is with a heavy heart that I announce that our prayer to the Supreme Court has not been granted, instead, our brothers’ prayer has been granted. Our meeting of the 22nd September, 2020, and its successive actions has been nullified.

We acknowledge the judgment in its entirety, and are obviously consulting our Lawyers on the appropriate action from now henceforth.

As we await the Court Order, it is important to state that, according to our Brothers’ prayer to the Court, it is just the nullification of the meeting of the 22nd September 2018 meeting which has been achieved, their prayer did not address the issues of Assets and properties, no it did not.

Therefore, the Supreme Court Judgment did not speak on the issue of assets and properties; there is a due legal process to be followed.

They are valid mitigatory factors to be considered on assets and properties. Therefore all those occupying Church building and all those with Church properties and assets should not be intimidated into surrendering anything immediately without due legal process.

We will only act on legitimate dislodgment orders, which can be only be served by the Messenger of Court or Deputy Sherif, with the appropriate notices.

This is what we have always said “Kurwirwa kana Kusarwirwa” we will not succumb to the new reformed and draconian Constitution.

Thus why we have always said, we won long ago, on the 22nd September, 2018, when we categorically refused and rejected the New Constitution and its sponsors, there is no other better win for us. That was the ultimate win.

Let your heats not be troubled, believe in God and trust your leadership. Do not panic, as usual, your leadership is in full control, do not move out of Church buildings, nor surrender any Assets prematurely.

It is however prudent and encouraged that those in Church building and Mission house should urgently start looking for alternative places of worship and accommodation.

We are not abandoning the Ship, stay put, we moving on, do not be shaken, we on the move, united we stand as we gladly move forward.

Meanwhile, we continue as a Church with our Original Constitution, with its accompanying Regulation, the very Church Law we fought hard to preserve.

Also, please note and be advised, that all our structures at National, Provincial and Assembly levels remain in place, our Theological Seminary and its Campuses remain functional, all elected and appointed leadership remain in place, and hence nothing is changing in our structures. Patiently await our further announcements.
We are re-constituting ourselves.

We still part of AFM International and hence we can still use the logo again until AFM International excludes us from its affiliate membership, then we will design an appropriate Logo and move on to establish our own International forum.

Meanwhile, cheer up, God loves you, you have lost nothing. Some blessings come in disguise, seemingly appearing like disappointment yet it’s an opportunity for a new beginning.

Even Jesus lost in secular courts, in order to win on the Cross at Calvary. We vowed in the past, and we continue to do so now, that even if our God chooses not to fight for us, we will not accept nor succumb to the draconian new Constitution, no, not at all.

Thank you for standing with your Leadership, we shall overcome.

Be blessed.

Rev. Dr. Nathan Nhira, General Secretary.


Robert Tapfumaneyi