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A Drunkard Making A Living Out Of Motor Mechanics


By Elizabeth Nyaguyo


A 66 -year old Warren Park man Nicolas Dzvaunzva believes he can exceed 100 years and will still strong be old enough to continue with his motor mechanic business despite being a drunkard.



Nicolas affectionately known as “Minister” because of his love for beer claims that he cannot do his motor mechanics without first having a bottle of beer.



Driven by passion he said that he said he started motor mechanics in 2000 without going to any school of mechanics.



In an interview, Minister said that when he started his business no one believed his potential in the township since he is always drunk until he shifted into the CBD.



“When I told people that I am into motor mechanics they does not believe me because each time you see me I am always drunk and people were afraid that I might worsened their vehicles problems .




” As time goes on I suggested to shift from working in the township to work into the CBD in Kaguvi because that is where more customers are and they are well paid compared to the ones in township,” he said.



He added that people should not looking down upon others but to recognize their potential.



“Don’t judge a book by its cover now I am making a living out of my skills despite of my utter appearance,” he said .



Minister alluded that he did not go to any mechanical school but he can do better than those who are well educated.



“I did not do any course related to motor mechanics but i can do a proper job than those who are well educated in the field,”   said Nicolas.




Nicolas said that work is getting harder for him because his helper passed away.




” Work is now difficult for me because one who has been helping me passed away,”   he said.




” I purchased so many vehicles ever since I started this motor mechanic business but I sold them all because I am of age now I can not drive on my own.”


Robert Tapfumaneyi