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A Cut Above The Rest: Leander Kandiero

Leandder Kandiero


Leander Kandiero

By Glendah Fadzai Takachicha


I haven’t done these in a while, due to pressing commitments but ndati ndipfuure nepano because zvakandikoshera.



I do not even know where to begin, because this one post will never adequately explain how this man @ Leander Kandiero Leezthingz has impacted not just my broadcasting journey, but my life as a whole. But let me try to paint a picture.


I met Lee K, when I started my broadcasting journey at the age of 20, back in Gweru in the year 2004. Meeting big names in the industry that we used to listen to on radio, and could only dream of meeting. But here I was working and rubbing shoulders with them.


Coming from a humble background, I felt like a fish out of water, with zero confidence. I could load this post with other names that saw something in me that I never saw, that believed in me way more than I did, but let me unpack that part of my journey another time.


So here I was, joining the Powerfm Zimbabwe family. And being an introvert I would sit in my usual corner wearing oversized clothes, (I remember the first skirt i bought he asked Bridget Gee to take me shopping kikiki )and asking myself every day, what I was even thinking applying for this job.


But there was Lee K who would force me out of my corner, and quickly make me feel like part of the family. Would genuinely want to know how you are and how family was.


Showing me the ropes, and making me understand that I was not there by accident, but someone saw something in me, that the platform I had been given I can use to change people’s lives, and the power of radio. Slowly I started breaking out of my shell.


Losing my dad, in 2009, I remember he had just moved to H, he drove all the way back to be with my family and I. Going through divorce in 2014, one of the few people who knew exactly what I was going through, losing my job in 2015 he was one of the few people who called to check on me, and would always make it point to find out how I was.


How I bounced back and today I continue to do what I love every day, again he played and still plays a critical role.


A cut above the rest. A legend in my books, who has used radio to transform lives, not celebrated enough though. Have never met anyone with such a big heart, down to earth, and will go out of his way to help a total stranger. Who will take time to listen to your problems and always comes through with sound advice.


I have met so many people who speak of how he has impacted their lives, from artists to colleagues in the industry. I could write a whole book, but for now let me leave it here.
Ndati ndikupei maruva enyu muchiripo. You deserve them.



Only God knows how grateful I am for the role you have played and continue to play in my life. You are that brother everyone prays for. Your family is blessed to have you. May God open huge doors for you, and may you continue to touch lives.



Robert Tapfumaneyi