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A Couple Living Positively HIV Applaud St Therese Hospital For The CATCF programme


By Elizabeth Nyaguyo


A Rusape couple under Makoni district Moral Muje and Prisca Kurida applauded St Therese hospital for Introducing a programme called Community Art Treatment Facilitator (CATCF) which is assisting people living with HIV to have knowledge on how to take their medicines as well as to get a delivery of their medicines on time.


St Therese Hospital is the only hospital in Zimbabwe running a program called the CATCF which specializes on the distribution of medicines and offer services to people around the community by people called CEDARS.


Speaking during a session held at St Therese hospital under the National AIDS Council (NAC) organised Medai Tour recently, the wife expressed her gratitude towards this programme as it is helping them as a couple living with HIV and they are called Family Art Group (FAG).




“I am very very happy about this programme I cannot say a lot because this programme brought happiness in our lives, we cannot travel long distances now because cedars are there to help us.




“This programme is helping us in terms of time management because we used to walk for about 2hours coming here only,not talking about going back home,” said Prisca Kurida


The husband also said that after this programme was introduced it helped them in terms of reducing long queues.



“After this programme come queues are no longer the same as before because people are being given medicines in their communities.



“Plus most of the people are now in groups they can just send of them for instance a group of 10 one person can just go and collect medicines for others,” said Muje.



The couple encouraged people to get tested for HIV before it is too late so that one knows his or her status.



“I urge people to go and get tested so that they know their status before it is too late,” said Prisca Kurida



“It is better for people to get tested before they fall sick because it will be unfortunate.



“People should make sure they follow the treatment and they should not skip medicines ,” said Moral Muje


Robert Tapfumaneyi