Elite State Capture & Corruption Crisis: MDC Alliance Speaks

Fadzayi Mahere
MDC Alliance President Nelson Chamisa


On the 6th of July 2021, the National Standing Committee of the MDC Alliance met in accordance with the party’s constitution.


The National Standing Committee received the reports of the President and the Secretary General. The following matters were deliberated upon:

A. Governance and Economic Crisis 1. Elite State Capture & Corruption Crisis:


The party has carefully considered the recently released Sentry Report, the Auditor-General’s Report as well as the Cartel Report which criminally implicates several political elites including Mr Kudakwashe Tagwirei, Reserve Bank Governor John Mangudya and other Zanu PF top officials.


These reports confirm what the MDC Alliance has consistently stated, namely that corruption, mineral leakages, arbitrage and procurement maplpractice are at the root of our economic distress.


The economy has been captured by a few elites who are getting richer while the masses starve and extreme poverty compounds.


The people’s leadership calls for radical transparency and an urgent independent international audit of offshore transactions highlighted in the reports and accountability for those who continue to loot the nation of its resources.

2. Illegal Demolitions & Local Govt Capture:


The people’s leadership unequivocally dissociates itself with the ongoing central government-led demolitions and the general harassment of vendors and informal traders at the instance of the ZANU PF Provincial Development Co-ordinator, Mr Tafadzwa Muguti.


Central Government has captured local authorities, impeded service delivery and prevented municipalities from carrying out their constitutional mandate. We call for an immediate stop to the demolitions, compensation for those who lost life and property and the creation of alternative, Covid-safe workstations for informal sector traders.


We further call for implementation of devolution in line with the Constitution to enable local authorities to carry out their mandate of service delivery without the toxic, unlawful interference of central government.


3. Economic Crisis:


The party expresses concern over Zimbabwe’s multi-faceted governance, economic and social crisis which has manifested in mass starvation, hyperinflation, extreme poverty, joblessness, wage erosion, poor earnings by civil servants, the remuneration crisis in the education sector, the illegal eviction of rural communities (particularly the people of Chilonga and the people of Sigola area, Esigodhini in Matabeleland South Province) and a deepening crisis in the health sector including inadequate remuneration for healthworkers and vaccine shortages.


The economic situation in the country continues to deteriorate. We call for the provision of safety-nets for the poor and the implementation of anti-poor policies


4. Shrinking Democratic Space:


The people’s leadership is extremely concerned at the weaponization of the court system and the continued criminalization of opposition politics, independent journalism and civic society. Makomoborero Haruzivishe continues to be incarcerated unlawfully.


We demand his urgent release. The MDC Alliance continues to stand in solidarity with Makomborero and we salute his courage and bravery.


We also condemn the recent unlawful incarceration of international journalist, Jeffrey Moyo. Consistent with our Agenda 2021, the people’s leadership urges all citizens to converge to fight against dictatorship and the introduction of unjust laws, demand alignment of laws to the Constitution and peacefully resist the attempt to entrench one-party rule.

B. Zimbabwe Agenda 2021

1. Electoral Reform Agenda: The party calls for the implementation of the electoral reforms set out in our PRICE (Principles for Reliable Inclusive and Credible Elections in Zimbabwe) document, including the alignment of the Electoral Act to the Constitution, ZEC reform including the demilitarization of the secretariat, media reform and a transparent census and delimitation process.


5. Global Agenda: The MDC Alliance expresses its unwavering solidarity with the people of eSwatini in their legitimate demand for an end to autocratic rule and for a democratic country led by a people’s government in line with our pan-African Global Agenda.


We condemn in the strongest of terms the heavy-handedness of eSwatini police and military who are firing live ammunition against defenseless and unarmed civilians demonstrating against Africa’s last absolute monarchy.

We also stand with the people of Zambia as Africa mourns the sad passing of His Excellency, President Kenneth Kaunda. In his tribute to the late statesman, President Nelson Chamisa highlighted how

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