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Matanga Up For Fraud



By Staff Reporter

Harare woman Evelyn Matanga Friday appeared before Harare Magistarte Denis Mangosi facing fraud charges after claiming to be a lawyer.

The State alleged Matanga misrepresented herself as a legal practitioner to the accused person, Hilda Munyoro from whom she stole an amount of US$2 935.

Matanga was denied bail.

It is said in October 2021 the complainant was introduced by her daughter to the accused who said she was a legal practitioner who could help them with an issue of a residential stand in Damofalls.

The accused asked for US$2 800 for site plan, plan, cavets, cavet fee, for deeds and several amounts for the stand in question.

After receiving the money the accused supplied a forged receipt from the department of the surveyor general.

The complainant after receiving the forged receipt became suspicious and asked the accused to meet her in town.

The complainant used another witness, Trish Gwatidzo to lure her like someone who was in need of her services .

The accused came to meet Gwatidzo in town and a report was then made leading to Matanga’s arrest.

The total value of prejudice was US$2 935 and nothing was recovered.

Robert Tapfumaneyi


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