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My Girlfriend Hate Underwear


By Your concerned Mukomana wa panty hater

I am guy aged 25.

I am in love with this beautiful girl I have been dating for years.

Problem is we recently got into a heated argument about her pantyphobia. Bae dislikes wearing under wears.
She goes out without wearing one be it at work or any other public areas.

She only wears her undies when she is on periods. Am a conservative guy and am not comfortable with it and I expressed my concern and displeasure over the issue. Her defense was that she feels uncomfortable wearing them and she hates panty lines.

She said she also wants her couchie to have to have free air circulation. Honestly even after her reasons I still do not feel okay and comfortable with her moving around without any underwear.

I explained to her how I feel about it and she feels it’s her body, her choice and she sees nothing wrong with it.
She even told me to get used to it and I just can’t. It’s difficult for me to see her that way or picture her like that. My mind won’t be at easy.

Is it normal for girls to do that? What should I do in this instance because I feel like am losing her? Please

Your concerned Mukomana wa panty hater

Robert Tapfumaneyi