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3 Reasons Why You Should Delete Your Ex’s Contact

Man and Woman


Man and Woman

Nowadays relationships are complicated especially with the invention of the internet and more so technology which brought about several social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram.




Once the relationship is over, moving on is not easy and keeping your ex’s contact won’t make it any easier.




Here are some reasons why deleting your ex’s number is a good idea.




You will not backtrack




Deleting the contact will not stop you from communicating since you might have memorised the contact, but it will stop you from seeing what they are up to lately. Especially on WhatsApp, you will not view their status and even see their profile pictures.




It’s a sign you are ready to move on



When you keep the contact you likely hope for a turn of events. But once you delete it, it’s clear you are ready to find love somewhere else and also give your partner a chance to do the same.



You will forgive and forget



Just in case it was a nasty break-up, deleting the contact will help you forgive and live with a clear conscience.

Robert Tapfumaneyi