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2 Soldiers Arrested For Robbery In Beatrice







This Memorandum serves to put on record circumstances surrounding the above subject matter;-


1. NAME : Luke Williams aged 19 years
NR : Not Held
RES ADD : Houmoed Farm, Beatrice.
BUS ADD : Farm Manager Houmoed Farm, Beatrice.
Cell : 0777 028 208




2. NAME : David George Rickards aged 67 years
NR : 63-001573-V-00
RES ADD : Houmoed Farm, Beatrice.
BUS ADD : Houmoed Farm, Beatrice.
Cell : 0772 361 698



3. NAME : Philliper Rickards aged 62 years
NR : 63-449836-M-00
RES ADD : Houmoed Farm, Beatrice.
BUS ADD : Houmoed Farm, Beatrice.
Cell : 0772 312 845




1. NAME : Shadreck Kadira 33 Years
NR : 11-073202-N-11
F/NUMBER: 832196 K
RES ADD : 6172 Glen Norah B, Harare.
BUS ADD : EX Army- 1st Presidential Guard Battalion, Harare.
Cell : 0772 555 543



2. NAME : Munyaradzi Munyuki 27 Years
NR : 63-2009849-B-24
F/NUMBER: 843244 T
RES ADD : 5627 Glen Norah B, Harare.
BUS ADD : 1st Presidential Guard Battalion, Corner 9th and Tongogara road, Harare.
Cell : 0782 257 878





3. NAME : Busani Moyo 29 Years
NR : 84-043837-W-82
F/NUMBER: 840921 T
RES ADD: 31153-28 Entombani, Bulawayo.
BUS ADD: 1st Presidential Guard Battalion, Corner 9th and Tongogara road, Harare.
Cell : 0715 544 745.



4. Shumba Murambwi……..Still at large

5. Junior ………….still at large
6. Kedha …………..Still at large



On 28th February 2022 and at about 1930 hours, complainant number one (1) was relaxed in his bedroom cottage and he noticed some movements in the garden and he proceeded to the kitchen to have a clear look. At that moment he saw about three (3) accused advancing towards the cottage and he rushed to the kitchen door to lock it but he was intercepted before he managed to lock the door.




Complainant number one (1) was as a result manhandled by two (2) male adults whilst the other one kept guard on the kitchen door. Complainant number one (1) was dragged to the orchard which is about 70 metres from the cottage. One of the accused removed shoelaces from his shoes which they used to tie complainant’s hands and legs whilst at the same time demanding cash from him. One of the accused took complainant’s iPhone XR Serial number not known embedded with a buddie line number 0777 028 208.



At that time one of the accused who was carrying a black satchel removed a pistol from the satchel and pointed it to the complainant at the same time demanding for cash. Complainant number one (1) gave in and indicated that he had only US $ 250-00 which was in his bedroom in the cottage.



The accused removed the shoelace which was used to tie his legs and was force marched to his bedroom before he surrendered US $250-00, accused also took a specified knife, silver bracelet and was made to put on his clothing since he was naked.



After surrendering the cash complainant number one (1) was again force marched to the main house and they entered the house through unlocked kitchen door and they went straight to the dining room where complainant number two (2) was sleeping.



Complainant (2) was awaken by the accused and they started to demand cash, indicating that it is locked in the trunk and complainant advised them that he had no cash in the house. The accused demanded to see complainant number three (3) who is complainant number two (2)’s wife who was asleep in the bedroom. The accused entered into the bedroom and awaken complainant number three (3) and started to demand cash from her and she gave in before she gave them US $ 850-00 which was in her purse.



Accused force marched all the complainants to the Office and ordered them to open the safe. Fearing for their lives complainant number two (2) instructed complainant number one (1) to open the safe. After the safe had been opened it was discovered that it had RTGs $ 1000-00 in $5-00 denominations and the accused ordered them to close it and nothing was taken from the safe.



As they were still in the Farm Office one of the accused started to switch off all external lights which triggered the alarm to be raised due to the system which is fixed. As such the alarm had to awake other farm workers as well as the son of complainant number two (2) Stewart Jack Rickards aged 36 years NR 63-2132100-H-00 who rushed to the Farm Office and the accused evaded away.



Complainant number one (1) later fired five (5) in the air to scare them away from a Trap Gun 12 Bore Browne with a serial number of 1220853, certificate number 531084 B due to expire on 01/11/23, which was issued for the purpose of crop and livestock protection and is registered in the name of complainant number two (2).

Value of the stolen property amounts to US $ 2 135-00 and property valued at US $ 722-00 was recovered.



Stewart Jack Rickards later made a report to ZRP Beatrice through his mobile cell-phone.





Scene was attended to by members drawn from CID Beatrice, ZRP Beatrice and Canine section and the following observations were made:-



Ø A follow up was made to the spoor which was leading to Harare-Masvingo road, Beatrice which is about 4-5km from the scene of crime.
Ø Upon reaching the Harare-Masvingo road accused 1 to 3 were spotted whilst walking in a detour road along Harare-Masvingo road heading towards Harare direction whilst looking for transport.



Ø CID Beatrice quickly sourced for a private vehicle and drove towards Harare direction. Accused 1to 3 were offered transport to Harare and they abode the sourced vehicle.
Ø The accused persons were arrested and taken to 20 km peg where there were some other police officers from ZRP Beatrice manning a road block.



Ø A thorough interview was conducted on the three accused persons and they indicated that they had splited into two groups with their accomplices i.e accused 4-6 and had left them walking along the Harare-Masvingo road detour near Lanark Shop Beatrice.
Ø A team was quickly dispatched to Lanark Shop and accused 4 to 6 were spotted walking along the detour.



Ø When the accused persons spotted the police vehicle, they ran away in different directions into the bush.
Ø The three arrested accused persons were searched and the following found,
-a bracelet that was taken from complainant (1) whilst in possession of accused 3,
-a specified knife taken from complainant (1) in possession of accused 3,
-US$160-00, US$172-00 and US$155-00 found respectively from accused’s trousers pockets.



Ø The arrested accused were escorted to station for further interviews.




Investigations are still in progress under ZRP Beatrice CR /03/22 and CID Chivhu DR 03/22. Your Office will be appraised of new developments.



Robert Tapfumaneyi