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1Njuzu and Hell Commander Fight

Monalisa Zulu

By Tendai Mukaro

Prominent South African based Zimbabwean businessman Trevor Mbizvo known Hell Commander and Monalisa Zulu known as 1 Njuzu’s relationship is on the brink of collapse as Hell Commander flirted with one, Mazviita, a US based model.

1 Njuzu confronted Hell Commander after he flirted with Mazviita on an Instagram live broadcast with DJ Towers and Mazviita.

When Mazviita was added she started showing off her body, making suggestive moves which Hell Commander failed to resist.

Hell Commander said he was going to sell his Ferrari and go to the America.
“Mazviita, Towers and I are selling a stand tomorrow and we will come there,” he said.

“I will sell my Ferarri and if I sell my Ferrari I will come to America and we will spend all the money, do not allow us to come back.”

Upon confrontation Hell Commander, argued he was drunk and he could not remember even the lady in question.
He told 1Njuzu there was a difference between his personality and the person he depicts on social media.

However, this did not go down well with 1Njuzu who felt betrayed and humiliated as her lover was flirting on public.

“Everyone is looking at you as a trashy man and womaniser,” said 1Njuzu.

“You allow people to humiliate me?”


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