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The Zimbabwe Republic Police  confirms the arrest of Michael Freeman Chingwaru (39), a maths teacher at Harare Einstein Tuition Centre for assaulting a student (18) at the same institution on 14/10/21 at 1030 hrs.



The lower sixth student was found in the ordinary level class seeing some movies during lesson time and ordered to go to his class.



Instead, he went to a Biology classroom and coincidentally met the same teacher where a harsh exchange of words occurred resulting in the teacher assaulting the complainant. School authorities are urged to ensure that peace prevails in learning institutions at all times.



Chingwaru was filmed brutalism one of his students and the video has gone.



In the video, which seems to start just after the attack begins, the teacher appears to have gone into a rampage as he wrestles the student to the floor. He then accuses the student of disrespecting him and headbutts him several times.

Robert Tapfumaneyi

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