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10 Reasons Why African Leaders Are Taken As Fools


By A Potera

1. They kill one another for political power yet they forget God had set a limit beyond their control i.e. they will not die with the country including the wealth they amassed dubiously.

2. African leaders kill one of their own for power.

3. African leaders sell their countries to those with money leaving their people swimming in deep pools of poverty.

4. African leaders are blind folded that they can’t see that they are economically powerless.

5. All African leaders treat whites as their messiahs throughout they claim to be hating them.

6. African leaders focus on history instead of the present and future.

7. African leaders don’t trust one another, when they are sick, they go to the western world for treatment.

8. African leaders spend millions on education that has no return on investment (ROI) for their counties. They are poor in countries with 90% literacy (educated people). They all scrabble for drugs from Europe and Asia yet they have trained pharmacist and doctors🤷🏾‍♂

9. African leaders cry foul to work with the same people they claim have imposed sanctions on their countries.

10. African leaders always define failure as success, poverty as wealth and under development as advanced development. They fail with all the resources under their feet.

Robert Tapfumaneyi